The day I started my Blog

I started my blog on 21st October 2017, I started this blog because of my passion for writing stories and articles and a blog was the best way to share my works with the world. This blog will consist of short stories, articles, reviews and more. This blog is going to represent me and my Imagination.

About me : I’m a 13 year old Pakistani girl with a passion in writing, creating and reading. I am a huge Harry potter fan with love for reading. I am in Seoul, South Korea right now. I study in Dwight International school.

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Choppy waters

Hey guys. Here’s a short scene I’ve written. I hope you like it. Don’t forget to like, comment and share.

“It’s all smooth sailing from now,” I said to myself. Nothing to worry me and no hard waters, but as if someone had just cursed me, in a split second there was wind, rain and choppy waters. I started losing control on my boat, among everyone else, who was having no trouble at all. I barely managed to stay afloat, but as if that wasn’t enough, my boat turned upside down. Everything in it started to fall out and float away or drown. I was scared and terrified, trying to hold on to the boat but also making sure, I didn’t lose my stuff. It was scary trying to get my stuff without losing my grip on the boat. I was barely hanging on. Some stuff that went down, I was glad went down, but they brought unintended consequences. I found out there were hungry sharks in the water, trying to find their next victim and I was perfect. I worked harder and harder to turn everything back to normal but little did I know, nothing would be the same anymore. The more I tried, the harder it became. I tried to relax and breathe, and let myself go with the floe. It helped, I was clear-minded, and I realised that the sharks were actually just small fishes, turned large because of my fear. “It’s going to be hard work from now on.”

I hope you liked it. some parts of it are based on my life, some of them are entirely from my imagination. 

Essay on Infertility

Hey guys. Sorry for not posting for so long. Here’s an essay I wrote on infertility. I hope you like it.

Infertility is a big issue that occurs to 1 in every 8 couples. Although at first it was believed to only be woman’s issue but due to all the technological advancements, science has been able to confirm that infertility can be an issue to both sexes. Both male and female infertility have one-third of the contribution. (Female Infertility) Infertility which means not being able to conceive a baby. There are many different causes for both men and women, for women they may stretch from ovulation disorders to Endometriosis. While the causes for men can range up from sperm production to sperm antibodies. (Causes) (Newcombe, Rachel) (Causes of infertility) (Male infertility) (Female infertility).

For females, ovulation disorder means in some way or another, either the Ovary doesn’t produce eggs or the hormone production is reduced. There are 4 different Ovulation disorders, PCOS (Polycystic ovary syndrome), Hypothalamic dysfunction, premature ovarian failure and excess production of prolactin. (Female infertility) The premature ovarian failure means, that the person is unable to menstruate, this may happen because of non-functional ovaries, which is also known as Turners Syndrome. (Causes of infertility) This can also be defined as when a woman’s ovaries stop working before the age of 40. (Causes) PCOS is a disorder which induces hormone imbalance, affecting ovulation. It is one of the most common causes of Ovulation disorders. (Female infertility). Hypothalamic dysfunction, which is normally caused by extra physical or emotional stress, impacts the production of LH and FSH. The most common symptom is absent or irregular periods. (Female infertility. One of the other main causes of infertility in females is Tubular dysfunction.

It can be caused by scarred fallopian tubes or pelvic inflammatory disease. These problems block the tube, which prevents the fertilised egg from being properly planted in the uterus.( Causes of infertility). Other problems of infertility in women include Endometriosis, which is caused when small pieces of the womb lining start to grow in other places, which lead to damaged ovaries or fallopian tubes. (Causes). For men, Infertility is mostly a cause of Semen and Sperm problems. The poor quality of Semen may be because of either lack of sperm or abnormal sperm, which can either result in no sperm being able to reach the egg. (Causes). For men, it can also be a result of Sexual problems, for example, failure of ejaculation or nerve damage. (Male Infertility) These problems can also be known as erection or ejaculation difficulties. Hypogonadism may be another issue which causes infertility, this means that there is an abnormally low level of testosterone, which is the male hormone making sperm. (Causes)

There are many treatments for making people fertile again one of them is Laparoscopic surgery.It is only for women, may be done because of pain during intercourse or severe menstrual cramps or pelvic pain. (Gurevich, Rachel.) It’s a one-day surgical procedure, which finds any irregularities in the reproductive system and fixes them. The surgery uses a small camera to have a visual examination of the reproductive system. (Laparoscopy Infertility Treatment). The surgery examines the uterus, fallopian tubes and ovaries for any causes of infertility. Once the issue is recognised, it can be corrected on the same day.

The treatment does use anaesthesia and may take up to 30 to 45 minutes. (Laparoscopy Fertility Treatment) Like every surgery, laparoscopy has its own advantages and disadvantages. Some of the advantages include Small abdominal incisions and less pain while most common problems after the surgery may be Abdominal pain or Nausea, pain around incision sites or even a hoarse throat due to the breathing tubes. (Rosenthal, Lisa.) The disadvantages may include Bladder infection after surgery or skin irritation, these are some common risks. (Gurevich, Rachel) More severe risks may include Nerve damage, the formation of adhesion and hematomas or Allergic reactions. (Laparoscopy Fertility Treatment) All of these risks are always possible since there is always a chance of misconduct or unknown problems inside our bodies. If we have any kind of blood problems or even previous surgeries, things can always go wrong.

Due to all the medical advancements only 1-2 % of patients who undergo laparoscopic surgery experience complications. (Laparoscopy Fertility Treatment) For the procedure, usually, 2 or more incisions are made. One is slit in the navel while the other one in the lower abdomen. Then the gas is put in, to inflate the pelvic area, which allows an easier view of the pelvic organs. The laparoscope is the only instrument which is put through the navel incision while all the other instruments are placed through other incision, which allows the pelvis to be thoroughly inspected. A dye is usually passed into the fallopian tubes to check for blockage. (Laparoscopy Infertility Treatment) With the surgery, the Fallopian tube may be unblocked or repaired (Gurevich, Rachel.)

With the question of infertility treatments, the main thing that rises up is Religion, different religions have different beliefs. From Christianity to Judaism to Islam, and many more. All these religions have different ideas of what is good and bad for their people. For example, Catholics oppose Vitro fertilization because of two main reasons, one they believe that human dignity is best respected when 2 people conceive a child using a sexual union, and this does not occur when treatments are involved or the baby is made in a laboratory. They also believe that doing this the power to bring the baby into the world also depends on doctors and biologists, other than the parents themselves. The second reason is based on genetically modified baby’s DNA, in Vitro fertilisation, there is a chance that the baby made is prone to genetic defects, therefore making it morally unacceptable with the Catholics. (What Does The Church Teach About IVF?) The Church does not allow any third party reproduction, which may include egg or sperm donors. (Shank, Melodie)

For Judaism, the Jewish teachings which don’t exactly go against Vitro fertilisation, they do allow women to donate their eggs for infertile couples. (Shank, Melodie) There is a lot of debate in Jewish teachings about this topic, which ranges from Artificial insemination to Surrogacy. (Staff, Kveller) Although the Jewish believe Fertilisation treatments are ok they are limited to certain things, for example, they allow In-Vitro fertilization but they do have concerns regarding extra eggs, abortions and surrogacy. With all these issues, it is still unsure about how much Jewish teachings accept Infertility treatments.

From all this research we can definitely say that infertility is a big issue, that sometimes can’t be solved, but there many cases where it is still possible to conceive a baby. Although some religions don’t exactly allow it.


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The trade war between China and the US

Hey guys, So today I’ll be talking about the ongoing trade war between China and U.S. I hope you like this post, don’t forget to like, comment and share.

As far as I could find, the trade dispute and war of words between the United States and China started way earlier than this year. Here is a series of events that led up to where we are right now.
Let us flashback and see what happened in the past. In September 2011, Trump tweeted “China is neither an ally or a friend — they want to beat us and own our country.”, This tweet was one of the comments he made about China’s trade practices. This was before he ran for Presidency. This resurfaced again in 2016, but it finally got stronger this year. Then in May 2016, Trump made the following comment: “We can’t continue to allow China to rape our country and that’s what they’re doing. It’s the greatest theft in the history of the world.” This was when he was campaigning for the Republican Party’s presidential nomination; This was one the several statements he made about China’s trade practices during his campaigning. Then in April 2017, the USTR (United States Trade Representative) got authorised to check if Aluminum/steel imports pose a threat to the national security. Later in April 2017, Chinese President Xi visited Trump in his Mar-a-Lago estate in Florida, where they decided to set up a 100-day action plan to settle the trade differences.
Later on May 22 2017, China and US agreed on a trade deal, which would give US firms greater access to China’s agriculture, energy, and financial markets, while China would gain access to sell cooked poultry to the US. In August, the USTR started an investigation into certain acts, policies and practices of the Chinese government relating to technology transfer, intellectual property and innovation. In November of 2017, Trump paid a state visit to China, which is said to have made the relations better. Later in February 2018, The US put up ‘Global safeguard Tariffs’, placing a 30% tariff on all solar panel imports, except the ones imported from Canada, (worth US$8.5 billion) and a 20% tariff on washing machine imports, which were worth US$1.8billion.
In March 2018, Trump signed a memorandum, which directed the following acts:
To file a WTO case against China for their discriminatory licensing practices;
To restrict investment in key technology sectors; and
To impose tariffs on Chinese products (such as aerospace, information communication technology and machinery).
The US also imposed a 25% Tariff on all steel imports, except Argentina, Australia, Brazil and S.Korea, they also imposed a 10% tariff on all aluminium imports, except Argentina and Australia.
To Counter on US steel and Aluminium tariffs, In April 2018 China imposed taxes (Ranging 15-25 %) on 128 products, worth US$3 billion. The products included fruit, wine, seamless steel pipes, pork and recycled aluminium.
Later on April 3rd 2018, the USTR released a list of 1,334 proposed products, subject to a potential 25% tariff. (List was revised on June 15) All of the products worth US$50 billion. Reacting to the USTR’s list, China proposed 25% tariffs be applied on 106 products also worth US$50 billion, including goods such as Soybeans, automobile and chemicals, (list revised on June 16) This kept going on back and forth. Then on April 16, The US Department of Commerce decided that Chinese telecom company ZTE transgressed US sanctions. Also banning US companies, from doing business with ZTE for seven years. Then anti-dumping duties of 178.6% on Sorghum from the US, were declared by China. Then the rest of April went by, then US-China had trade talks in Beijing, where the US requested that China diminish the Trade gap by US$200 billion in two years. Talks finished with no resolution. In May 2018, Trump tweeted about Promising to help ZTE. Then Later in May, China’s Commerce ministry declared that they would stop the tariffs on US Sorghum at discussions. When reportedly China was said to have agreed to buy more US Goods, US and China decide to put the trade war on hold. This truce lasted a short time because on May 29 US reinstated the Tariff plans. There were more trade talks in June between the two countries. Later US and ZTE agreed to let ZTE continue its business. In June both countries reviewed and finalised their tariff lists, which were set to take effect on July 6. The US decreased their 1,334 items to 818 items with 25% tariff. There was a second list by the USTR consisting of 284 new items which were still under consideration. China increased their proposed 106 products to 545 products, with a 25% tariff. To counter against USTR’s 2nd list, China proposed a second round of 25% tariffs on an additional 114 items. Both Country specific tariffs took effect on July 6th. In July the USTR discharged a third list of taxes of more than 6,000 products originating in China (worth US$200 billion), which will be liable to a 10% tax. In August, on Trump’s decision, the USTR considered a 25% tax on List 3 rather than 10%. This Included goods from the following categories: consumer products, chemical and construction materials, textiles, tools, food and agricultural products, commercial electronic equipment and vehicle/automotive parts. To retaliate against US’s potential third round of tariffs, in August China announced a second round of taxes on 5,207 products originating from the US, worth around US$60 billion; this included the following:
– 25 % on 2,493 products (agricultural, products, foods, textiles and – products, chemicals, metal products, machinery);
– 20 %on 1,078 products (foods, paperboard, chemicals works of art);
– 10% on 974 products (agricultural products, chemicals, glassware); and
– 5 % on 662 products (chemicals, machinery, medical equipment).
In August both countries also finalised and released the second round of Tariffs. The 10% tariff on list two was increased to 25%. Five of the 284 things in the first list distributed on June 15 were removed, these being: alginic acid, part machines, compartments, coasting docks, and microtomes (by and large worth US$400 million in 2017). While China announced a corresponding 25 % extra duty on US$16 billion of US fares to China. Both lists were to put to effect on August 23 2018. Also in August, the Chinese Ministry of Commerce declared that a formal case had been held up at the WTO against the US for its taxes on solar panels, claiming that US taxes have harmed China’s trade interests. US and Chinese mid-level agents also met in Washington to examine approaches to determine the developing exchange struggle and heightening levies. The talks ended with no real leaps forward. China additionally recorded another WTO grievance against the United States’ Section 301 duties on Chinese products issued on August 23 under List 2 (25% taxes on US$16 billion). In September a lot of things happened, Trump threatened new tariffs. The US also invited China to re-open the negotiations. In September, the US also finalised list 3 of the tariffs, worth US$200 billion on Chinese goods. The US says that the taxes will go live on September 24 at an underlying rate of 10%, to be extended to 25% by January 1, 2019. China also announced that they would put tariffs on US goods worth US$60 billion. China cancelled trade talks planned with the US, before the tariffs on US$200 billion worth of Chinese goods, was put into place. On September 24, both countries put their third rounds of tariffs into effect. The US implemented tariffs on US$200 billion while China implemented tariffs on US$60 billion. During this China also released a White paper, which laid out the government’s official position in the Trade relationship between both countries. Two days after these tariffs were put into place, Trump accused China of meddling in the upcoming US elections. But the only evidence he brought in were advertisements (designed to look like articles) that China bought in some US newspapers. In the end, the Total US tariffs applied exclusively to China were US$250 billion, and the total Chinese tariffs solely applied to the US were US$110 billion.

This whole timeline is to connect different pieces of puzzles and to understand the trade war background, it not only shows how the disputes started but also how they may turn out, even though what is going on right now is a bit confusing at it is unsure what both countries want out of this. For me, I think that this timeline helps us know when one of the countries feel threatened by the other country, and most often they retaliate by doing the same thing the first country did. This timeline also assists us in knowing which country has the upper hand at certain times and when that same country can’t do anything.

Looking at how this trade war will impact not only China and the US but also the majority of Asia. Since we know that both the countries are large economies and if China’s economy falls there is going to be a significant impact on the less developed countries in Asia.
Both countries are being affected by this in small and significant ways. A lot of goods and products that people buy will have a rise in their prices which will most likely affect the consumers. There will also be impacts to business that use the raw materials imported from the other country. The companies being affected can also result in them shutting down and unemployment. This may cast the negative impact on the economy of the country since it may drop as there will be more unsuccessful businesses and disappointed citizens who are going to either be unemployed or are not going to be able to afford supplies. According to different experts of economics, if the tariffs by the US to China keep going, China’s economic growth will decrease. But these countries are not the only ones being affected. A lot of Asia is being impacted by this war and may also be affected in the future even though it’s unsure if the results are going to be positive or negative. This trade war also inherits some opportunities for other players in Asia, such as when China stops having agriculture imports from the US ; it will look for other potential partners to deal as a substitute for the US, which will most likely be in Asia; however it depends on the political positioning and alignment of those countries who are willing to deal with China. While the US will try to export the same agricultural products to someone else which could be in Latin America or Asia. This trade war could be beneficial to some Asian countries, but it could have a devastating effect on other countries.

Although it is unsure where this leads, we are sure about one thing; this could either result in a better deal between the US and China, or this could ruin what remains of the relationship and have an actual and decisive trade war among them. A war between these two countries was long expected, but it was not expected in the form of a trade war, which is why there is a lot of confusion going around as to what is going to happen next. There have been talks between both countries, but all of them seem to end without any resolution.

One lesson learnt for the US is that most of their trades depended solely on China, and now because of these unpredicted taxes, quite a few businesses are going into loss. The best thing they could have done was to have had better relationships with other countries if this had been, the US would have been in a better place. It looks that the US failed to create alternatives sources of trade, and took rigid position not only against China but agiant its allies in Europe.
China will be in a better place for the agricultural products as there are a lot of Asian countries willing to make deals with China, in fact, India has already signed contracts to ship 500,000 bales (85,000 tonnes) of its new season cotton harvest to China. The US, on the other hand, will have a lot of trouble exporting their agricultural goods as Asian countries may not be willing to have the exports and the Latin American countries are not on good political terms with the US. The overall is that the US is going to have problems regarding their trade, but China may also face some consequences. I think that since they can not seem to agree on anything, there are going to unintended consequences, which will affect both countries economy but there will also be social and political implications. Social as in citizens of both countries will be having troubles, they will very likely have business problems, and unemployment will increase. The trust deficit will widen between the government and the people. The political implications will include trust being broken, and relationships will be prone to damage, and if this escalates further, it will also pose a threat to other countries. There will also be problems for the US businesses in China, which will have to return to the US, they will have issues since the production cost in China is way cheaper than in the US. The US also has a lot of tight regulations, higher labour and material cost which make difficult for businesses to compete against Chinese products in open market, to produce competitive goods the US will have to offer relaxation to the producers which seems unlikely to open in the current political environment.

To conclude, I would like to say that as this trade war continues, and unless this ends with an agreement to help both countries, everyone, may very well hold their breath because we may be approaching war between two of the world most economically developed countries. If the countries decide to do something like this, they should not only look at the economic implications but also social and political implications, as there may be unintended consequences.
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“How US Tariffs Are Expected To Hit China’S Growth Rates”. South China Morning Post, 2018, Accessed 30 Sept 2018


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Interpreting data about the World population

Hey guys. Sorry for not posting for a while. I Hope you enjoy today’s post.

So today we’ll be looking into data interpretation, the world population, how different areas impact the world population and what factors influence the global population. I have been learning about this in class, and I thought it would be fun to share that information with you guys.
The picture down below is the one we’ll be interpreting today:

Screen Shot 2018-09-06 at 5.39.13 PM

From the image, you can easily come up with three main questions,
1. What is the overall pattern of the graph?
2. What is the contribution of LEDC (Less economically developed countries) in the global population?
3. What is the contribution of MEDC (More economically developed countries) in the global population?

Let’s answer these questions:
The answer to the first question by looking at the graph is:
There is a steady incline in population from the 1950s, especially for the LEDC’s as there population growth has had a lot of impacts rather than the MEDC’s who also have had an increase although not as high as the LEDc’s. The population for the less developed countries increased to go more than 10 billion, while the more developed countries had a population less 2 billion, throughout the years.

The answer to the 2nd questions by looking at the graph and also reflecting on our previous response we get that the contribution of LEDC’s is much higher for the Global population growth. The increase slowly starts to increase from the 1750’s but starts to get even higher after the 1950s, and reaches the limit of 10 billion and increasing by 2150.

Finally, to the answer the last question we look at the graph but also read over our previous two solutions, which leaves us with the fact that the contribution of MEDC’s is way lower than LEDC’s. Looking at the graph, it starts very low and only goes as high as 1 billion, which is 9 billion less than the LEDC’s. Indicating that MEDC’s contribute less than LEDC’s, but also makes us curious as to know why. The peak for MEDC’s starts to slightly go down after maybe 2050, further lowering its contribution.

After doing all this, We’ll look at another graph for more specific contributions to the global population. We need to get more specific on what specific regions contribute more to the global population than others. We’ll look at the following graph:

Screen Shot 2018-09-06 at 5.39.35 PM

After looking and observing the graph, we’ll answer the question: What regions contributes more to the global population than others?
After looking at the graph, I decided on the following answer:
The population distribution was less affected in North America, Oceania and Asia, while there was a significant increase and decrease in the areas of Europe and Africa. As the European region had a significant drop in population from the 1800s to 2000s to 2050s, while the African region had more of a notable increase from the 1800s where the population was 10.9% while 2050s went up as high as 19.8%, so almost 20%, leaving us with a 10% increase in the African region and a 13.8% decrease in the European region. The Asian region had a drop from 1800 to 1900 and then again from 2000 to 2050, but none of the decreases were as significant as the ones in the European region. Latin America had an increase in population from 1900 to 2000. The most significant impact in North America was from 1800 to 1900, where the population rose about 4%, Oceania, however, had no significant increases or decreases through the 1800s to 2050, with the increases only being as high as 0.1%. As of right now, Oceania only equips 0.54% of the world’s population, while Asia takes up 59.66% of the world population.

After we get all this information yet, one question remains, What are some reasons for the increase and decrease in population.
To answer this question, you brainstorm:
Here are mine and some other people’s brainstorm ideas:
Quality of life increasing through the years
>LEDC: fewer resources to prevent unintended pregnancies
> Economic development
>LEDC: Child labour, when low-income families see their children as sources of income.
>Increase in Money
>Illegal immigration, leading to population increase specific regions
>Increase in life expectancy
>A rise in fertility rates
>Birth rate
>Industrial revolution
>Farming → Engines
>Railroads → steam engines
>Better construction
>Genetically Modified Crops
>Spreading information
>Purified water
>Less Combat death
>Baby boom
>Diplomacy + Development
>Import and Export

–> All of the reasons mentioned above and many more contributed to the increase and decrease in the global population.

I hope you guys learnt something from this post. If you have any ideas relating to this topic, don’t forget to tell it to me in the comments down below and don’t forget to like and share.


Jenny’s little adventure, part 2

Some people think that writing comes easy for me but let me tell you that writing isn’t smooth, it starts with an idea, and then I work on it in my brain but by the time I type it, it becomes something else, and that’s what makes it better.
Hey guys, I’m back with part 2 of Jenny’s adventure. Hope you like it.

Jenny’s hands trembled as bent down to pick up the letter she dropped out of shock. Her mind was in shambles, and she couldn’t function properly. She was trying to digest it all, but it was getting harder every time she thought about it. After a few minutes, she finally got ahold of herself and took some deep breaths and decided to look into the matter. She left the letter on her bed and went to find her mum. She found her mum in the living room watching t.v. She went up to her and asked: “Mum, When’s dad coming back?”. Her mum looked at her, hesitated and then said: ” I, I told you, honey, he’s abroad for a business trip.” “Mum, I know that’s not true,” Jenny replied. “It’s true, sweetie, plus what makes you think it’s not true?” “I don’t know mum, but dad’s never gone this long, please just tell me the truth.”

After a few moments of silence, Jenny’s mum finally spoke up and told her everything. She told her when he went missing and how many letters she got regarding him, she said to her that the police couldn’t find anything about him. After that talk, Jenny tried her best to keep her tears inside until she reached her room. The second she locked the door, the tears came and didn’t end until an hour passed. Finally, Jenny wiped her tears away, stood up and took a few glances at her room. She decided that she was going to find a way to bring back her dad, without losing that match. She made a small bag with some “detective stuff”, which included the letter, a magnifying glass, a notebook, a pencil and her camera. She told her mum she was going to the library and her mum said it was ok. She reached the library, and then made her way towards the computers. She searched up some previous criminal records who had either escaped or been released. She cross-referenced them with the name Paul C. She found nothing. Disappointed she started to make her way back home when she had an idea. Her dad was a football coach in her school, and he’s the one who taught her. She knew some other coaches didn’t like dad, and she decided to look up the coaches from her school and other schools they had fought against. After an hour of hard work, she found one name that almost matched the name of the person who wrote her the letter. The person was from their “enemy” school, Sunnyside Highschool. It was coach Paullus Crawford, but everyone called him Paul. She decided to look into him, but it would be hard.

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Love Noshi.

Jenny’s Adventure

Hey, guys sorry for not posting for some time. I’ve planned some posts that I will hopefully be posting soon. Until then enjoy this quick story I wrote.

A dark storm was forming just near the east of California. It was raining very hard, and Jenny was locked in her room, covered in a blanket. Her face glued to the t.v while an empty bowl of popcorn full of kernels lay on her side. Annabelle was screening on t.v. This was the case for Jenny on every Rainy night. Her room was dimly lit which according to Jenny made it cosier. She had a thin face, round eyes and a crooked nose. She had a slim body but a very good physique because she had a sporty side. She had had a football match that morning, and she had another one tomorrow, If the game tomorrow were cancelled due to the rain, her team would lose the season. There was a light knock on her bedroom door, and her mum came in and told Jenny to go to sleep as it was nearing 12, Jenny, however, refused, after several minutes of arguing, Jenny finally gave in and went to bed.

Jenny woke up at the crack of dawn, sat straight on her bed and then looked around her room for several minutes, trying to figure out something but then she shook her head and then headed for the bathroom. After getting refreshed, she made her way towards the kitchen. In the kitchen, her mother looked at her and then addressing no one, in particular, said: “Ah, look who’s awake so early.”, “Stop it, Mum,” replied a tired Jenny. She then grabbed a piece of toast from the toaster and then applied jam to it and started eating. “Sweetie, I got the message this morning the game’s cancelled.” Jenny groaned but continued eating her piece of bread. After finishing her toast, Jenny started to make her way back to her room, but her mum stopped her told her that she had mail. She was a bit curious as to who sent her mail, as to who had sent her that letter. She thanked her mum, picked up the letter and went to her room. She quickly jumped on her bed and tore open the envelope which was empty on one side, the other side just had her name and address. After she opened the envelope, she found a piece of folded paper. She unfolded it and read it.

Dear Jenny,
Sorry to hear your match got cancelled but hey you gotta do, what you gotta do. I know you have been wondering about your Father’s whereabouts, even though your mum says that he’s abroad. Of course, any sane person would be worried about their parents, so you are too. But what will you do if I tell you that your fathers in trouble? Ooh, I got your attention now. I know where your father is because I have him. I know after reading this you want to see your father so badly. So I’ll make you an offer. Your next football match is in a week, and I want you to deliberately lose that match.
Oh, now you think why?, well because I’ll release your father, once your team loses that match. Deal? Yes, perfect then. If you show this letter to anyone, I will find out about it, so be warned.
Yours truly,
Paul C.

This is not the end of the story. I will be writing more parts maybe 2 or 3 more. I hope you enjoy this part.
Love, Noshi.

Robber Part 12

Hey guys!, So I’m back with another Robber part, and Hopefully, this is going to be the last one. I hope you enjoy it.

Each side had a spy on the other side. The spies found the same thing from both sides which were that both sides were preparing for a battle, Perhaps even the most significant fight in history. The spies returned after a week of observation and came with the same results, mentioned above. It was getting tense every second. In the Small Village where Sagitta and his army was staying, everything was silent and tense. Finally, Sagitta broke the silence and said: “Is everyone ready?, It is time we destroy those who mean to conquer the world.” Everyone shouted Hurray and marched to battle to the stream where once Sagitta gave the Magical Daggers to Alcander. The Same happened on the other side, and they marched to battle. They met at the stream, Sagitta and Batillus stepped in front and faced each other. Then in a blink of an eye, their swords were clashing, and that moment the war began.

War cries were heard from both sides as they ran to fight. In a matter of seconds, the clashing of swords was heard, the sound of people marching into battles, the sounds of pain, bravery, and courage filled the sky. Everyone fought as hard as they could. The warriors used every bit of strength in them, the villagers used every piece of grit in them. They fought, and they fought like they had never fought before. Each one fighting for something personal. Each one fighting for something near their heart. And they fought.

It was the bloodiest battle in history. The red blood splattered everywhere from their wounds, but they kept on fighting as if it didn’t hurt. A storm of arrows whizzed through the air as the archers tried their best to prevent the others to knock them out. The swords were clinking and clashing under the grey sky as the fight bore on. Bones broke as the sea of enemies crashed on each other. The shields gleamed like dying stars as they were thrown down to the ground. The cold and trembling hands gripped their spears and swords even tighter. The fight was tough but the fighters even tougher.

The battle lasted almost the whole day, it ended when Sagitta drove his sword through Batillus’s heart. Everyone stopped, Sagitta looked around to find Alcander’s body laying down, a bloody red sword laying right beside him. A grin came to Sagitta’s Face, and then he looked at his warriors and said: “We have won!”, That was enough for them to burst out cheering and indeed he was correct, they had won perhaps the worst battle in history. The warriors helped each other and left, to get rest and then start their journey back to the academy. Later they would live on to tell their kids and their grandkids about the battle and how they won. Sagitta once again looked around, but this time he saw his mother waiting for him by the forest. He went to her limping and saw her sit down. He sat down beside her and then laid his head on her shoulder and said: “Is it all over?” she replied: “It is never over.” He looked at her and then with one final breath, fell down on her lap, dead.” Tears came up to Lavinia’s eyes, but she managed to say: “No one will forget you.”

The End

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