Never meant to be

Hello !! lately, I've been inspired by the heartbreak that surrounds people, in the media that I consume it has been a prevalent topic and it led me to write a piece I dubbed 'never meant to be'. It is supposed to be hopeful yet sad and I hope some of you find something that... Continue Reading →

Procrastination – A problem

¬†Hey everyone! I hope everyone is staying safe and wearing their masks! Today I have part 2 in my "Everyday problems with A.N" which is what I've decided to call it until I find a better name (leave suggestions down below if you have any!) But this is part 2 in my journal entries. I... Continue Reading →

Literature is Elitist. Do you agree?

Hey everyone! I hope everyone is safe at home and being very careful about their healths and remembering to wear their masks!! I wrote a essay on a topic in literature which I thought I would share with you. It's a very opinion based essay to please remember these are strictly my opinions. Topic: Literature... Continue Reading →

My time at St. Clares

Hey guys! How are you? So I recently came back from the UK as I mentioned in my last post. I will be posting maybe more posts relating to my stay in England, so keep an open an eye. Today I'll be talking about my camp and my experience there. My summer camp lasted two... Continue Reading →

Robber Part 9

Here's part 9 of the Robber. Hope you like it. Enjoy Sagitta was horror-struck, his eyes kept moving, but his body was still. He still couldn't believe that his worst enemy had returned and possibly joined forces with Alcander.He was thinking all the possibilities¬†of how Alcander might have told him. He was still not sure... Continue Reading →

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