Robber Part 6

It was late in the morning, but Saggita was still in his cave, which was weird because he had planned to leave early in the morning. Saggita was still asleep, and his cave was all empty, nothing except his sleeping bag on which he was asleep. There was something weird going on. After a few hours,... Continue Reading →

Robber Part 5

After Saggita reached the central area of the cave, He stared at his sleeping bag for a while and the He snatched his bow from where it was laying. He took off running and had left the cave within seconds. Just after Saggita left, his sister came out of the passage; she was grinning and... Continue Reading →

Robber (part 4)

Part 4 As soon as Alcander saw the body a shudder went through him but before he could recognise who the body belonged to, he heard the rustling of the leaves behind him, so he quickly turned and came face to face with Saggita, he was still the same. But he didn’t have his bow... Continue Reading →

Robber (part 3)

It was 5 on the morning of May 7th, 1556 It was a misty morning with clouds covering the whole village it was unusually quiet in the village because normally Farmers, shepherds, bakers, barbers, tailors, shop owners and maids would be moving around opening up shops, getting things ready or just cleaning but today was different... Continue Reading →

Robber (part 2)

Part 2   Miles away from Saggita’s cave, all five people woke with a start they all looked around and tried to untie themselves, but after failing to do, they started to call for help and fortunately an old man was passing by. He heard their call and in a matter of minutes he reached... Continue Reading →

The Robber ( A short story )

It was nearing midnight, the forest was so dense you couldn’t see anything through the trees, but there was smoke in between the trees and any person looking at it from a distance could tell that it was a fire and they would be correct. Around the fire, five people were huddled together with a... Continue Reading →

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