Hey guys, this is a dystopian story that I wrote. I hope you like it. 16 years really change someone. Well, here it goes: My name is Jayde Riviere, and I have lived a life which I would never wish on anyone. Luckily it was getting better until one day; my nightmares came back to... Continue Reading →

Choppy waters

Hey guys. Here's a short scene I've written. I hope you like it. Don't forget to like, comment and share. "It's all smooth sailing from now," I said to myself. Nothing to worry me and no hard waters, but as if someone had just cursed me, in a split second there was wind, rain and... Continue Reading →

Jenny’s Adventure

Hey, guys sorry for not posting for some time. I've planned some posts that I will hopefully be posting soon. Until then enjoy this quick story I wrote. A dark storm was forming just near the east of California. It was raining very hard, and Jenny was locked in her room, covered in a blanket.... Continue Reading →

Robber Part 12

Hey guys!, So I'm back with another Robber part, and Hopefully, this is going to be the last one. I hope you enjoy it. Each side had a spy on the other side. The spies found the same thing from both sides which were that both sides were preparing for a battle, Perhaps even the... Continue Reading →

Robber part 11

Hey guys, Sorry for not posting for some time. So I'm hoping to finish the Robber soon. If you have any questions or remarks, don't forget to email me. It was 6 in the morning when Sagitta woke up, he shot up from his sleeping bag as if something was about to happen, but there... Continue Reading →

The Ivy House

Hey guys!, Here's an exclusive short story. I won't continue this story instead its just one part. I hope you like it. Enjoy It was a fine Sunday morning outside the Ivy house. All the members of the house were having breakfast, but then suddenly there was a huge cracking noise, and then the pieces of a... Continue Reading →

Part 10 Robber

Hey guys!, I hope you are doing good, and Here it is Robber part 10 *yay*. I will be posting more today, Hopefully. Until then Enjoy this. Sagitta and Batillus were still having their conversation which went back and forth of each of them, saying something to annoy the other. They went on like this until they heard... Continue Reading →

Robber Part 8

Here's Part 8 of the Robber, hope you enjoy it. The sun was rising by the time Sagitta had come up with a plan to confront Alcander on his plans. He decided to Confront him in the act, which meant he had to follow him and he had to spy on him. After a quick... Continue Reading →

Robber part 7

Sorry for the late post, but here's Part 7 The sun was setting by the time, Saggita had found out about his life. He found out that Lavinia was his mother and that Alcander had no relation to him whatsoever, he also found out that Rose wasn't his sister, in fact, she wasn't even Alcander's... Continue Reading →

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