Review of School of Rock: The Musical

Hey guys, how are you guys? I know I said I would be posting a lot, but I recently came back from a Summer camp in Oxford, England and it was a truly magical experience, and I have lots to tell you guys about. So the Summer camp I went to was the St.Clares Young... Continue Reading →

How to write a letter

Hey guys. How are you guys doing? Sorry for the delay. From now on, I'll try to be more frequent. Anyways I hope you like this How-To. Well starting off, I'm going to outline the basic format of a Letter. I will be more focused on the form of a Formal letter but will also... Continue Reading →

How to write a newspaper article

Hey guys. I am working on a writing unit in my English class and I thought that this would be a perfect time to write a quick guide on how to write a article. Every piece of writing has a structure whether it be a letter, story or an article. To write an newspaper article... Continue Reading →

Can Nationalism foster war?

Here's a artistic essay on the question of "Who/what is to blame for WWI?" Germany and Austro- Hungary are the easiest countries to blame for World War 1. Its the truth countries are easy to blame for war because some country does take the first move but what really should be blamed is the reason... Continue Reading →

A travel Guide to explore Jeju.

Hey guys!!. So recently I visited Jeju for Spring break. This was my 2nd time in Jeju, So I decided to make a small guide to travelling to Jeju. This guide is more suitable for travelling with kids. Let's start with some nature-based places. Jeongbang Waterfall This waterfall is magnificent just overlooking the ocean. The... Continue Reading →

Essential tips for MUN

Hi. How are you guys? I hope you're doing good. So I have a MUN conference coming in 3 weeks, And what better time to give you some tips that I've learnt over the years through the conferences but also through my speech and Debate club at school. These tips can help you have a... Continue Reading →

10 books you should read this year:

As you know, I love to read books and am always on the lookout for books to read. This is a list of books that I loved, and maybe you will like them too. Starting with: The strange case of the Alchemist's Daughter. A mixture of female monsters working together to triumph over the people... Continue Reading →

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