Robber part 11

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It was 6 in the morning when Sagitta woke up, he shot up from his sleeping bag as if something was about to happen, but there was silence around him. He looked at his mother and said to himself “Ah! Mother seems so peaceful in her Slumber, It would be wrong to wake her up”, and then he shook his head as if answering a question in his mind. He stood up and said to himself “I am tired of Alcander and Batillus going around in the dark with an evil plot, I will not tolerate it, I must prepare.” but unknown to him Alcander was listening to him. Sagitta started to pack up some stuff in a small bag, after packing some food, two knives and some water, he began his journey towards the mountains which surrounded the village, he was going north. Alcander looked at Sagitta, smiled to himself and said”Oh! I will find out what you are up to” and started to follow him.

His Journey was hard, even though he didn’t come across anyone journeying through some of the steepest and tallest mountains is not an easy feat. He managed to reach his destination in 2 weeks. On his 14th day, he was standing outside tall doors, which were the entrance to the Warrior Academy it was where he learnt all of his skills. He knocked on the doors, it was a loud bang and then a loud creak which announced the door being opened, a small stout man came out saying in a booming voice: “Who here dares knock on the daredevil’s academy?”. And Sagitta replied in the same booming voice: “It is I Sagitta, I have come to ask a favour from the Daredevil in hopes that he will help me in a tough situation.” Then the same booming voice of the man replied: “Ah!, Sagitta you are always welcome in the academy please enter.” While this was happening, Alcander was hiding behind some bushes to see what exactly Sagitta had come up to do in the academy. He followed Sagitta inside the academy when he entered. Sagitta greeted everyone happily as he was considered one of the best warriors to come out of the academy. He went inside the building which was a massive red building with towers on either side and a vast courtyard where all the warriors trained. He went inside and to the main room which was enormous room, full of ancient artefacts and drawings of warriors. In the centre of the room was a man standing, dressed in magnificent silk and had a sword with diamonds encrusted on its handle in his hand. Sagitta looked at him, bowed down and said: “Master I am here.” The man replied: “I am not your Master anymore, Stand up and talk to me.” Sagitta did what he was told, and explained his situation to the Daredevil, and then he said: “I need Warriors, you’re best men, I have a fight and I cannot fight alone.” Upon which the Master simply replied: “Who are you fighting?” He told him all about Alcander and Batillus, Then the Daredevil said: “I see, I am right that the people you are talking about are powerful.” Sagitta violently nodded. All while they were talking, Alcander was eavesdropping in on their conversation and kept saying to himself: “Oh! Sagitta you will never win.” After going back and forth, the Daredevil finally let Sagitta have his men, some of the best warriors. Later that day, Sagitta saw the men in action and was awed by their talent. After their Practice, Sagitta got all of them together and told them about the war that they were going in. They were all brave and fearless warriors, to agreed to help Sagitta with his mission.

The Warriors and Sagitta all trained for a week before going down. Alcander, on the other hand, had left on the second day to inform Batillus about these new circumstances. He went to a small village, not to close or to near to the village he was from. He told everyone in the village about the new circumstances, mind you all the people in the village supported Alcander and BAtiluus and had been preparing to start a war against Sagitta and this further information gave them the opportunity to do just that. They all prepared for battle so did Sagitta’s Army. Things were getting worse.

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Little Rock 9

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The Little Rock nine were 9 African American Students who defied racial segregation in the schools of Little Rock, Arkansas. The group included Minnijean Brown, Elizabeth Eckford, Ernest Green, Thelma Mothershed, Melba Pattillo, Gloria Ray, Terrence Roberts, Jefferson Thomas, and Carlotta Walls. These students did what every figure in the civil rights movement would come to do, Never gave up. These students faced violence every day, but they kept coming back because equal education was in their rights.

In summer 1957, these nine students enrolled at Little Rock central HIgh school, which formerly was white, Their decision to enrol was a test for the decision of brown v.s  Board of education in 1954. The decision had declared segregation of schools, unconstitutional. However, Gov.Orval Faubus said that he would not allow integration in his area’s schools.

He set up national guard outside the school to prevent the 9 African American students from entering the schools.  Protesters and Angry white mobs harmed the Little rock 9 when they tried to enter the school on September 2nd, 1957.  This encounter made it to many newspapers and television who dubbed the students “Little Rock 9.”

The Students lingered at home for 18 days while president Eisenhower, Governor Faubus, and Little Rock’s mayor, Woodrow Mann.

On September 25th the students joined the school with the protection of U.S Soldiers. However, due to the rise in Violence and state insubordination, the president sent in an elite 101st Airborne division known as the “Screaming Eagles.” Also placing the National Guard under Federal Command.

The little rock 9 continued to face violence throughout the school year, and when Minnijean Brown started to retaliate, she got expelled. The rest of the eight students continued to study in the school. In 1958, Senior Ernest Green became the first African American student to graduate from Little Rock Central high school

The Civil Right Movement has mainly focused around on education.  Education, many believed, would help African Americans to get better jobs and to gain influence in American society. However, overcoming school segregation, especially in the South, meant extreme facing opposition and risking extreme violence.  Little Rock Nine served as a Catalyst for the Civil rights movement when the states started to stall desegregation. The civil rights movement led to the Congress to take action through the civil rights act of 1964; the law made it illegal to separate people based on their Race, religion, or origin in almost all aspects of the society.  Summing-up the Little Rock nine were figures who did something many failed to do.


Elisabeth Eckford, one of the first African-American students at Little Rock Central High being harassed by Hazel Massery, 1957. Reddit



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Summary of Brown v.s Board of Education Supreme court case

Hey guys!, I hope you’re doing good. So here’s one more post about black history, This may or may not be the last, we’ll see. So this one’s about Brown v.s Board of Education one of the most important supreme cases in Black history. I hope you like it.

Brown vs Board of education was perhaps one of the most critical moments in Black history. This case helped black students to finally go to school with white students giving them an equal chance at studying and learning as the whites. This case gave hope to many African Americans that, “Separate but equal” would ultimately be gone. It gave them hope for the future, that their lives would get slightly better. The case was a huge stepping stone which would lead to a bridge which would lead the African- Americans to a better life. This case shed light on Segregation which had taken over the south. This case was a move towards a better future, a future which every black kid wanted.

February 28, 1951, Marks the day the case was filed by Oliver brown to the Federal district court, in Kansas. Following it many more segregated school cases were filed. Finally, in October 1952, the Supreme court announced that all the school cases would be filed under Brown vs Board of Education. During December 9th – 11th, the first round of arguments were held. The second round of discussions was held on 1953, December 7th – ninth. May 17, 1954, the day when the unanimous verdict which overturned Plessy v.s Ferguson and stated that “Separate but Equal” was considered unconstitutional. That day many black people rejoiced, not because they won the case but because there was still hope for the future. Later on May 31, 1955, Supreme court handed down Brown II, Ordering to start desegregation at all deliberate speed. This was significant as the term “All deliberate speed” was vague, this stalled desegregation in states, which served as the breeding ground for student protests which lead to the Civil rights Movement.

There were many Significant moments during that time, which helped shape the Unanimous decision. Some of them dated way back, before the case was even brought in the supreme court. 1908 July 2nd, The day when Thurgood Marshall was born, this day was of extreme importance because Thurgood Marshall would go on to become the Lead counsel in the Brown v.s Board of Education. 1909 when the NAACP was formed, this day has a significance because, in the coming years, NAACP would help in winning the case. Then fast forward to 8th September 1953, Chief Justice Fred Vinson Jr. died of a heart attack, this was significant because Justice Earl Warren was nominated in his place and would later address the unanimous ruling in the Brown v. Board case.

The Browns won this case because the Judges compared the arguments and also based them on the 12, 13 and 14 amendments but also on evidence found about what white students are being taught. Studying in the same place as blacks would teach whites that blacks are not bad as they are being shown. The impact was a good one as it was a significant step in desegregating America. This case ruling gave hope to many African-Americans that “Equal but Separate” would ultimately be gone. This case was prominent in Black history because this case got rid of segregation in schools and made sure that the phrase “Separate but Equal.” was unconstitutional and that it did not have a place in the society.  The Legacy of this case was passed through every generation of the black families. This case gave light to black people; it gave them hope for a better future.

One significant event which led to civil rights movement was after the May 31, Brown II decision which said to try and remove segregation at all deliberate speed, many places in south managed to avoid or stall desegregation for a long time which catalysed for students to start the civil rights movement. The civil rights movement led to the Congress to take action through the civil rights act of 1964; the law made it illegal to separate people based on their Race, religion, or origin in almost all aspects of the society.  To conclude the Brown vs Board of Education was indeed a significant moment in History, which led to many improvements in Blacks daily life.

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The Ivy House

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It was a fine Sunday morning outside the Ivy house. All the members of the house were having breakfast, but then suddenly there was a huge cracking noise, and then the pieces of a fine china plate could be seen on the hardwood floor “Its Okay, it was an old plate, I was going to throw it away in a few days anyway.” exclaimed a woman, she was sitting on the huge dining table in the middle of the colossal room. “Uh! not another one, we’ve already broken half of that set, it’s my favorite.” said a woman with a raspy voice, she was sitting at the very end of the table. “Why does Lizzy have to be so clumsy, Mum!” remarked a young boy of 10. He was sitting opposite to his Mum. Just then a girl of around 15 came running into the room, she ran towards the table and said: “I’ll clean it up, Lizzy don’t worry.” “It’s Okay Minnie, you’re the cook, not the maid, I can clean it up myself,” said Lizzy.  “Do you need anything else? maybe some juice or eggs?” Minnie quickly said, brushing herself. “No we don’t need anything, Minnie,” said grandmother, she was the women with the raspy voice. “O-O-Ok Mrs.Florence, I’ll just leave,” Minnie said Stammering and then she quickly left the room.

After the breakfast, everyone was lounging in the living room, Lizzy and Minnie were sitting near the Fireplace talking, Mrs. Florence was in the kitchen making her special Bread while Alexander or Alex was reading with his Mother Mrs.Dave on the Couch. Lizzy and Alexander’s father was in the army, so he hardly ever returned home. The kids lived with their mother, Grandmother, and Minnie their Cook. Minnie was a different kid, she used to believe in things which didn’t exist yet they made sense. That was one of the reasons why Lizzy liked Minnie, Minnie would tell things, and Lizzy would work on them and Try to solve them. They made an excellent team.

It was nearing dark, and the rain was starting to pour, and within an hour, the rain had intensified. They lived near the shore in Collioure, France, because of this they hardly had visitors. It was nearing midnight, but Minnie and Lizzy were still by the fire drinking hot chocolate and talking. Suddenly they heard someone knock on the door, they both gave each other puzzled looks, none of them knew who was at the door. Minnie stood up and walked towards the door but before she could open it, she heard someone on the stairs, so she turned around to see Mrs. Dave who was wearing her purple and pink satin nightgown, and she asked: “Who is it, Minnie?” “I don’t know, but who could it be?” she replied. “Open the door Minnie,” Lizzy said.  After she opened the door, Minnie quickly ran to the kitchen to get something for the stranger in the living room. The person was wearing a big cloak which covered them fully, and the only thing the person had said was “Can I stay at your house?” In a few quick strides, Mrs. Dave was at the door and was already ushering the person inside.

The person removed the cloak, and it turned out to be an old woman. Lizzy was waiting near the kitchen, and Mrs. Dave was tending to the old woman. She ordered Minnie to get a strong cup of Coffee for the old women as she was shivering because of the rain. Once the women had had the coffee, she finally looked better. Lizzie and Minnie were observing her from the kitchen window since the window gave a perfect view of the whole living area. They were whispering to each other after every second. Finally, Lizzie took a deep breath and walked over to their visitor and said: “It is a pleasure to have you here.”, “Oh! My dear, the pleasure is mine and let me thank you for yours and your family’s generosity.” The old women replied smiling. “I hope you feel welcome here.” said Mrs.Dave, “Oh! don’t worry I will, but I want to ask one thing” the women replied, “Oh ask away” replied Mrs.Dave. “Does Beverly Florence live here?” A huge clang of a metal pot dropping could be heard and then rushing footsteps of Beverly Florence. “Darlene!, Is that you?” Said the panting voice of Mrs. Florence “Yes, it’s me.” Replied Darlene. Both women looked at each other and embraced each other in a warm hug. Later that night, a special dinner was made to celebrate the reunion of two best friends.

The Jim crow laws

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Jim Crow law:  In U.S. history, any of the laws that enforced racial segregation in the South between the end of Reconstruction in 1877 and the beginning of the civil rights movement in the 1950s. From the late 1870s, Southern state legislatures, no longer controlled by carpetbaggers and freedmen, passed laws requiring the separation of whites from “persons of colour” in public transportation and schools. Generally, anyone of ascertainable or strongly suspected black ancestry in any degree was for that purpose a “person of colour”;
Jim Crow Law: Jim Crow refers to a series of racist laws and measures that discriminated against African-Americans. Even though these laws were enacted between 1876 and 1965, the effects of Jim Crow are relevant today. Jim Crow was the name of the racial caste system which operated primarily, but not exclusively in southern and border states, between 1877 and the mid-1960s. Based on ideas of black inferiority, to stop blacks to become equal to white men.

Segregation: Separation because of race, gender or religion

Two types of Segregation:

  1. De Jure: Rules or Laws of segregation enforced by the Law to the state
  2. De Facto: Policies of Segregation not enforced by the Law instead is enforced by Local business or is normal in the Society

Integration: acceptance as equals into a society of persons of different groups (as races)

Due to the social intolerability of racial equality, people of various races were not allowed to share waiting rooms. By being supported even at the local police department, it shows just how much racial tensions had affected the governing systems of the United States. Though people of a different race were allowed to ride the same bus, all coloured riders were forced by law to sit in the back in marked coloured sections or had to sacrifice their seats to white passengers if the white part became full. Often, they were not even permitted to enter the bus through the same door to further symbolises racial dominance of one over the other.

The black and whites were allowed into theatres if they behaved well and the owners were allowed to have separate compartments for white and black people.

The Jim Crow Museum:

Located in: Ferris State University
Address: 1010 Campus Dr, Big Rapids, MI 49307, USA
This museum is about showing people the artefacts were black were tolerated and telling people that they need to learn about tolerance and social justice. The pieces in the Museum were put there to teach the people that these were all caricatures, that they were lies and deception and not real. The main reason for the museum was to use the objects of Intolerance to Teach Tolerance and promote Social Justice. In the museum we see objects or figures of stereotypical black people, which show white people that they are superior to Black people, We see signs which separate White and coloured people. We see tickets which refer to coloured and white people being separated which further adds on to the Idea that Black people were inferior to White people. The objects also tell us that being Racist was a norm, that it was Cultural to consider Black people inferior to white people. I think it is essential to have such a museum because it teaches the new generation and people like us, that there was a time when this happened and that we should try and correct those mistakes, make amends with each other, to accept each other as one. The museum has many artefacts which refer to Black people being portrayed as stupid and uneducated, which developed the fact that calling black people. Idiots or stupid was normal. The museum teaches us that we should learn from the past and try and make the present and future better.



Types Of Segregation – Civil Rights May 05, 2018

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Part 10 Robber

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Sagitta and Batillus were still having their conversation which went back and forth of each of them, saying something to annoy the other. They went on like this until they heard the rustling of leaves, which made Batillus turn around sharply but Sagitta stayed and merely said: “It’s just a strong breeze, don’t get worked up over it.” which made Batillus growl at him and a quick grin came over Sagitta but went away as quickly as it had come. Finally, Batillus looked Sagitta straight into his eyes and growled: “Well, I have had enough of this, You will regret you ever turned your back towards me.” and after that, he left towards the forest. Sagitta sighed but was still angry about how Batillus had treated him. He was thinking of a plan to get his mother back when he said to himself: “Should I follow him?” but then answered his question by saying: “No, no he would expect that, I need to do something he wouldn’t expect, perhaps I should stay, that would get him curious.” After making up his mind, he went back to the village and looked around.

The day was a beautiful one, birds chirping and a light breeze and yet it felt as if something was wrong. His eyes darted around for a few seconds before settling on a huge tree, far across the village, near a small pond. He saw that someone was standing near the tree, it was an old man leaning towards the pond. Sagitta decided to go and visit the man, as he had never noticed the tree or the man before. He went up to the man and said: “Good Morning, A lovely day, isn’t it!”, When the old man looked up to him, it gave him a shock because it wasn’t an old man. Instead, it was his mother. Stuttering he said: “M..m..mother, how are you here?” His mother, on the other hand, paid no attention to his remark. Instead, she replied: “Yes, indeed the day is wonderful today.” Sagitta was staring at him, and when she looked at, she just gave a slight chuckle and remarked: “Whats, the matter son?” but Sagitta just kept staring. After a few seconds, He finally came to his senses and managed to say: “I thought that Alcander took you.”, then she casually replied: “Huh!, I would like to see Alcander try and take me.” After which she started to chuckle. And then she continued: “Oh dear, don’t worry I just decided to take a small visit to the mountains but when I came back somebody had destroyed my hut, so I decided to stay in this tree’s shade.” “Oh mother, you should have told me, I was so worried that something happened to you,” Sagitta replied.

They talked, and she told him, where she went and what she did, and then he told her whom he met and what he did. They were busy talking, and they stopped around 9 in the night. Lavinia left to get some food, which she then cooked and then Sagitta managed to find some sleeping bags and they spent the night under the tree’s shade.

The NAACP (National Association of Advancements for Coloured People) Essay

Hey guys. Sorry for not posting for some time. SO recently I have been looking into Civil rights in the U.S, and I came across an organisation known as the NAACP, So I decided to write an essay on the association. I hope you like it. DOn’t forget to add your ideas or contact me through my email.

NAACP, also known as the National Association of the Advancements of Coloured people was founded on February 12, 1909, due to the Springfield Race riot in 1908, This riot was full of violence which led to the creation of the NAACP, a group of white liberals, which included Mary White Ovington and Oswald Garrison Villard, William English Walling and Dr Henry Moscowitz. They called a meeting to address and discuss Racial Justice. 60 people, agreed which included 7 African Americans ((including W. E. B. Du Bois, Ida B. Wells-Barnett, and Mary Church Terrell). It was released on the centennial of Lincoln’s birth. The NAACP echoed the movements and works of the Niagara Movement from 1905, which focused on Civil rights. The NAACP intended to secure rights for people guaranteed in the 13th, 14th and 15th amendments to the United States Constitution, which promised an end to slavery, the equal protection of the law, and universal adult male suffrage, respectively. The NAACP focuses on eliminating racial prejudice for all minority races using the democratic process.

In 1910,  A national office was established in New York. Du Bois was the only African American among the originals, He was made the director of publications and research. He also established the official Journal for NAACP, named The Crisis in 1910.

The Crisis was and is the Official voice for civil rights. It was founded to address and discuss issues and problems faced by the African Americans. It shared the intellectual and artistic works of coloured people. During its first decades, It focused on aspects of the utmost importance like Lynching and world war I. From 1920-21, The Brownie’s book, was published as a children’s version of the Crisis. It was the first periodical exclusively for the African-American Youth. With time, it became a voice for the Harlem Renaissance. Du Bois started to publish works of famous literary figures of the society. In 1928 Krigwa Players (CRIGWA: Crisis Guild of Writers and Artists) was founded, Which fostered theatre production about, by, for and near the African American community. To this day, The crisis remains the official publication of the NAACP

Lynching was one of the primary focus for the NAACP. They saw it for what it was a cruel act against innocent people, rather than excusing it like most of America at the time. One of their first known public events was an anti-lynching protest. It was a Silent Protest Parade where over 10,000 African-Americans marched down Fifth Avenue of New York City. This Silent March helped the NAACP gain a lot of attention and support for their activism.The NAACP’s anti-lynching crusade became a prime focus for the group during its early decades. Eventually, the NAACP was unable to get a federal anti-lynching law passed; however, its efforts increased public awareness of the issue and are thought to have contributed to an ultimate decline in lynchings. By 1919, there were around 90,000 members and more than 300 local branches.

The NAACP played a focal role in the civil rights movement of the 1950s and 1960s. One of the organisation’s key achievements was the U.S. Supreme Court’s 1954 decision in Brown v. Board of Education that outlawed segregation in public schools. Pioneering civil-rights attorney Thurgood Marshall, the head of the NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund (LDF), successfully appealed the case before the court. Marshall, who founded the LDF in 1940, won many important civil rights cases involving issues such as voting rights and discriminatory housing methods. In 1967, he became the first African American to serve as a Supreme Court justice. The NAACP also took part in helping to organise 1963, March on Washington, which was one of the biggest civil rights rallies in the U.S History. They also helped in running the 1964’s Mississippi Freedom Summer. An action to allow Black Mississippians to vote.

Although the world has progressed immensely, Troubles for coloured people still continue and therefore organisations like NAACP, are still needed. And may also be required in the near future. NAACP is an organisation which will always be needed as the world keeps evolving, there will always be a moment when people, will need someone to show them the correct way. Thank you

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