Never meant to be

Hello !! lately, I’ve been inspired by the heartbreak that surrounds people, in the media that I consume it has been a prevalent topic and it led me to write a piece I dubbed ‘never meant to be’. It is supposed to be hopeful yet sad and I hope some of you find something that strikes you.

You’ve heard of fairy tales and happy endings, the Prince Charming and Princess meeting their true love under miraculous conditions, things you’d only read in books or watch in movies. But once in a while life will imitate art and you’ll see the love story in front of you. The bare bones of what makes life so beautiful, so worth it. You’ll see people fall absolutely in love with no way but up with their lover by their arm. You can only hope for that, that’s all you crave from life, true love, you search everywhere from the meet-cutes at the beach to the random encounters in cafes. It’s fruitless. Maybe happy endings weren’t meant for you. You’d always thought you’d find love but things never work out the way you expect them to.

And then there they were, /your/ light. Your reason for being and the reason for your destruction. The way they smiled, laughed, cried, even yelled made you only fall more in love. It was quite literally your fairy tale and god life had never felt more worth it. From hidden meetings behind your houses, hushed whispers in the library, late-night texts under the covers to confessions of crushes and love under the starlight. Bookstore dates, Gallery dates, movie nights, and beach days, you did it all, life finally had a meaning and it was them. You’d never felt happier before and you’d never feel happier than in their embrace. You had always laughed when people said that home was a person, not a place until you met your home. The one person who’d always understand you, the one person in whose embrace you’d never feel out of place. They were your home.

Until they weren’t.

Somewhere it went wrong, the illusion of a perfect fairy tale shattered like the glass you threw at 3 am when you realized how blinded you had been. “Don’t be blinded by love.” Made sense to you now. Fairy tales weren’t real, they’d never be, not in this world, not ever. Everyone who thought they were, was wrong, a fool blinded just like you were. But not anymore, you wouldn’t be a naive little hopeless fool anymore. It hurt to love yes but it hurt so much worse to stop loving, to stop caring, to stop pretending that the person in front of you was the only thing that mattered because now they were a stranger and that’s all they’d ever be. You didn’t know what had happened but when you saw them out with someone the next few months, smiling, laughing, instead of feeling like you wanted to throw up, you felt Happy? And that’s when you got it, being in love meant being happy for them even if you weren’t the reason for that happiness.

Being in love wasn’t a fairy tale, no. being in love meant watching the person you love to be happy with someone else but still be ok with that.

Fairy Tales weren’t meant for you because some people would always be stuck behind the screen watching the happy endings; you were one of them.

Thank you for reading !! I’ve been trying to write drabbles similar to these whenever I feel a bit inspired so I’ll be sure to upload them for you guys.

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