MYP Commencement speech

Hey guys! how are you all doing? Sorry for being inactive for so long. I haven’t really felt motivated to write and I apologize for telling you. However I recently came to a realization that this is my escape from everything that goes on in my life. Therefore I’ll try to be more active around here.

I’m in 10th grade in an IB school, which means that I’m graduating that MYP, this year. For everyone who doesn’t know how the IB works I’ll quickly explain it. So basically the IB is divided into 3 programs, PYP, MYP and DP. PYP is called the primary years program this is from grade 1 to grade 5, and then the MYP (Middle Years Program) is from 6 to 10 and the DP (Diploma Program) is 11th to 12th grade. I am graduating the MYP and going into the DP next school year (August) and so our school does an unit in English about it. We have a graduation at the end of this school year and we’re all made to write a speech and the best one is chosen to present at the graduation. I recently wrote and submitted mine.

While looking over it, I realized it’s one of the best things I’ve written, I feel that its very heart felt and tells you lot about me. It’s also one of my works that I’m proud of regardless of what grade I get for it. It’s very personal and important to me and so I wanted to share it with you and tell you a little about why I wrote the things I wrote.


No Person is an Island

I stand here before you, looking back on the years of memories we’ve all made together no matter how many that may be. Now I am notoriously known for making things too long and basically winging every speech I do (Sorry Mr Roddick). Which makes this speech very out of character for me because I spent a lot of time working on it and had a word count to stick to. 

Today I have the biggest honor of representing 10th grade on their MYP graduation. So firstly I would like to congratulate myself and my fellow classmates on completing 10th grade and getting ready for DP. It has been quite an adventure. 

When I first started at Dwight in August 2017, I was excited, scared, and curious but in August of 2017 that was because I was new to Dwight and did not know anything like many of you when you first started. Today I stand in front of you in 2020 the same person except I am excited, scared, and curious about the world. And this change of perspective was only possible because of my Teachers, Parents and obviously my fellow classmates, even though I met most of them only last year. 

With my teachers and parents it was possible to learn about new ideas, look at how perspectives change, and to find opportunities I never thought possible. If you told 11 year old me, that 15 year old me was going to be in Korea graduating 10th grade surrounded by the most supporting and amazing people ever. She would’ve laughed at your face and I can’t tell you whether it would be at the part about living in Korea or being surrounded by the most supporting and amazing people ever. 

I have to give the most credit to my fellow classmates from whom I learnt about the importance of being kind and honest to others but also myself. And to understand that sometimes we make mistakes and the most important thing is to learn from them not to dwell on them. I’ve had countless experiences with them which have prepared me for the next stage in my school life no matter how challenging it may be. I’ve made memories with them that I will cherish forever, ranging from study groups at starbucks, to the collective lunchtime “clinics” for the Personal project to the arts performances and PE Classes. We’ve truly done it all and in the process learnt about each other, ourselves and the world. 

I learnt a lot about myself this year, through the Personal Project, through Drama performances and through people. I learnt that I was a lot more capable than I thought. I learnt that people thought highly of me and for good reason. And I learnt that one bump in my life’s journey won’t change the path that I’m on. Through the Personal Project, I realised that I set myself up to unbelievably high standards for no good reason, and for that I have to thank Mr Pratt and my fellow classmates who constantly supported me no matter how badly I thought I did. 

This constant support from everyone who knew me is the reason I’m standing here today. It’s the reason I will continue to believe in myself, no matter what obstacles come my way and I will continue to learn from those around me. In the end the biggest lesson I took away from grade 10 wasn’t about Authoritarianism, or organic chemistry or even Monologues, it was that as long as I had people who believed in me, I could do a lot more than I thought possible. 

Now I do understand that you might not understand some of the content as it is personal to me or my school however I want you to look past that and focus on the meaning behind the words.

The reason the main idea of my speech is surrounded around people and company is because for so long I thought that I was alone and that I had to constantly be independent in order to succeed. Obviously this kind of mindset wouldn’t get me anywhere. When I came to Dwight, I realized how important good company was and what a big difference it could make. As someone who greatly mis interprets her own skills I came to the understanding that if I didn’t have people cheering me on and being by me I wouldn’t be able to succeed and do what I was supposed to do. This idea was what I wanted by speech to capture and I think it did. You can tell that I truly do care and I have grown a lot over the last 3 years. I cannot wait for the next step in my school career, will it be hard? yes, but will I try my best to conquer it? Also yes.

I hope you guys like this speech and my reasons behind it. It is very personal but I wanted to do something special after not posting for so long. Again I do apologize. I’ll see you guys next time with something on the cold war.

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