My time at St. Clares

Hey guys! How are you? So I recently came back from the UK as I mentioned in my last post. I will be posting maybe more posts relating to my stay in England, so keep an open an eye. Today I’ll be talking about my camp and my experience there.

My summer camp lasted two weeks from 28th July to 10th August, and I think it’s safe to say that it was the best experience ever. Even though it was a summer camp where I would have to study, it never felt like that. Everything I learnt was through creative and engaging means, which meant I was never bored.

On top of that, we had field trips almost every day. We got to explore Oxford and learn about its history, and we also went to London, Portsmouth, Windsor Castle, Warwick Castle, and Hillend. My two weeks at St.Clares were full of activity, and there was not a single moment where I was bored.

So the Summer camp I went to was the St.Clares Young Juniors summer camp. My course was the young leader’s course where we learnt what it meant to be leaders and how we can be good leaders. We looked at issues ranging from climate change to inequality. We explored these issues by looking at speeches, fundraising methods, and analyzing different sources. Overall it was an amazing and very enlightening experience.

Now for some background information about the camp. St.Clares is a boarding school in Oxford that runs different courses throughout the year. For the summer they do courses for three different age groups Juniors 10 -15, Teenagers 15 – 17, and Adults 17+. I did the juniors course, which has two different possible courses. The first one is English and activities, and the other one is Young leaders in Oxford. The English and activities course focuses on learning English and improving it, which goes for three weeks. The young leader’s course goes for two weeks and focuses on building confidence in leadership themes.

The young juniors stay at Rye. St Anthony Campus in Headington, Oxford. The juniors camp is located on private grounds and is made up of 3 living houses The Croft, King House and The Cottage. The different houses accommodate all the kids. Some of the kids share rooms with more than four kids, while some of the older kids only have one roommate or stay alone. I shared a room with a girl my age who was from France, we had a great time together, and she was my first friend at the camp. Sharing a room made me aware of how people have different routines and how it is good to be open-minded and respectful of everyone. The room was a good size and included a dresser, a cupboard, two beds, a desk and a bedside table. Some of the girls didn’t share a room at all, but I think I prefer sharing one better. I think sharing a room adds to the experience of an international camp and helps learn about different cultures on a more personal level.

The campus also has many sports facilities such as basketball courts, tennis courts, swimming pool, football field and more. There’s never a boring a moment because you’re always doing something. There are lots of activities planned for every day, and so you’re always doing something. I tried my best to take advantage of all the different facilities trying out the swimming pool, basketball court, football field and also the volleyball nets. It was entertaining and very fun to play with friends and different people from around the world. There were also many activities you could do inside. I made bracelets, did tye-dye, face painting and messed around with everyone else.

The school provides all meals (Breakfast, lunch and dinner) and eaten in the dining hall. If the students are going on excursions, then we are given packed lunches. There are always 3 or more food choices and for dietary requirements such as vegetarian or vegan. You can also get dessert, yoghurt and a range of different salad options. The food, in my opinion, was pretty good and quite diverse with varying cuisines, so there was something for everyone, and it was nice having the meals with everyone, so no one was eating alone. I liked the meals because there so much you could have, including dessert and salad with juice and water with every meal. Breakfast was my favourite time because it was nice to eat a good breakfast with fresh pastries, a great way to start a great day.

The timetable for every day goes something as follows:

7.45 – wake up call
8.00 ~ 8.45 – Breakfast
9.00 ~ 11.00 – Lesson 1
11.00 ~ 11.30 – Break (Biscuits and juice in the garden)
11.30 ~ 1.00 – Lesson 2 (Generally about the trip after lunch)
1.00 ~ 1.30 – Lunch
2.00 ~ 4.00 – Excursion/Study visits
6.00 ~ 6.30 – Dinner
7.00 – 9.00 – Activities
9.30 – Bedtime for 10 to 12-year-olds
10.30 – Bedtime for 13 to 15-year-olds

There were a lot of staff members there to take care of us and help us in our daily life. There were also teachers to teach us during our lessons. The staff planned and supervised the activities and also oversaw us during our excursions. They were plenty of fun to be around and always making us laugh, and they really made the experience so much more fun. They taught us how to make bracelets, did face painting, played games with us and supervised the sports tournaments.

Overall I had a marvellous experience, and it was indeed one of a kind. So if you want to have a fun and exciting summer, I suggest you go to St.Clares.

Thank you for reading. I hope you liked it. Did you go to a summer camp this summer? Tell me all about it down in the comments below. Thanks don’t forget to like, comment and share.

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