Review of School of Rock: The Musical

Hey guys, how are you guys? I know I said I would be posting a lot, but I recently came back from a Summer camp in Oxford, England and it was a truly magical experience, and I have lots to tell you guys about.

So the Summer camp I went to was the St.Clares Young Juniors summer camp. My course was the young leader’s course where we learnt what it meant to be leaders and how we can be good leaders. We looked at issues ranging from climate change to inequality. We explored these issues by looking at speeches, fundraising methods, and analysing different sources. Overall it was an amazing and very enlightening experience.

During my two weeks there, we went on many field trips, one of which was to watch the Musical: School of Rock in London. Today I’ll be reviewing the musical. I hope you enjoy it.

Now I’ve never really been a musical person, but I enjoy music and plays a lot. So it was interesting for me to see a mix of 2 things I enjoy a lot.

Firstly a small summary of the musical if you don’t know what it’s about. The musical is about a former rockstar who wants to compete in the Battle of the bands but can’t seem to find a band. We see him go through the struggle of achieving his dreams and teaching others what’s important in life.

Now the story itself is very well produced, especially following the book and the movie, which were great hits. The story has everything one could ask for from sadness to happiness to excitement to suspense and not to forget but Laughter and lots of it too. The story relates to students and people and kids all over the world following the different student’s lives and how they’re all interconnected in seemingly personal issues. I connected with the story, and I’m sure many other people did too. That’s what makes it so special that a story about an Adult and some kids could touch millions of people each with their problems.

Costume wise. I was dumbfounded and very impressed. I’ve been on the costumes team for my school’s play for the last two years, which means I have a pretty good idea of what the costuming process is and how it’s developed. So I was pretty impressed with the costumes and how they made everything a little better and especially that they kept the essence of the school students in the band alive. In terms of costumes for the adults. I loved the costumes for the rockstars and the rock bands because it truly felt like you were watching a concert and that just added in an extra dimension to an already truly fantastic play.

The lighting and sound were very well prepared and just added a nice touch to the whole experience. The songs and lyrics were catchy and just made you want to stand up and sing and dance with everyone. It was indeed a great experience with everything perfect down to the last detail. You could tell that there was a lot of effort and hard work put into the creation and production of the musical.

Lastly, I’m going to comment on the actors who were simply magnificent and straight-up amazing. The talent was clearly visible, and it was harnessed and produced so well and that just topped off the fantastic play. The kids were just reeking of talent and the fact that they played their own instruments, sang beautifully and acted like professionals. It just made one wonder of how far they would go in life. I can only say kudos to the kids for achieving more at just ten years than what most people achieve in their lifetime. And also kudos to the adult actors and singers who also acted and sang brilliantly probably some of the best singing I’ve heard in a long time. Good Job!!

Finally, I’m just going to say if you’re a fan of music, plays, movies or really anything I’ve mentioned so far. You should watch the musical as it is a masterpiece and you will love it.

I hope you like this review, and there will be more posts relating to my stay in Oxford coming soon. Don’t forget to like, comment and share.

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