How to write a newspaper article

Hey guys. I am working on a writing unit in my English class and I thought that this would be a perfect time to write a quick guide on how to write a article.

Every piece of writing has a structure whether it be a letter, story or an article. To write an newspaper article you need to follow the following format:

Newspaper Article Features
COLUMNS (optional)

The above Features are very important in writing a good article, some of them are very generally known ones such as the heading and image but we know that quoting people in the article is what adds depth to it and layers it better.

To write a article about a event, you should answer the following questions :

Who is the main character of the story?
Who is the story about?
What has happened to him?
Where did the event take place?
When did it happen?
Why did it happen?
How did it take place?

Answering these questions will help you figure out how to layout the events of the story and how make it sound exciting and worth reading.

I wrote an example article on Speedy, the runaround robot by Isaac Asimov and I have it down below as an example of how to use some of these features.

Speedy an SPD 13 robot accidentally gets robot drunk when his 3 robot laws clash against each other by the selenium pool. Speedy was sent out to get selenium by Gregory Powell and Michael Donovan who needed the selenium in order to fix their “photocell banks”, if that didn’t happen, they would be burned alongside the Mercury Headquarters. When Speedy failed to return both Powell and Donovan got worried because Speedy was a fast robot and him being late meant something was wrong but also because they couldn’t go out with their inso-suits (insulation suits) which only kept them safe for 20 minutes under the sun. With the chance of their headquarters burning, they get to thinking and decide that they should use one of the older robots in their inventory. When they get one robot active, they hit another dead end because the older robot cannot move or go anywhere without a person on its shoulder. So they get stuck in a similar situation to speedy. Then they find some tunnels to get closer to where Speedy is, who is still acting drunk. Speedy who at the selenium pool is acting drunk, wobbling around, going in a circle and singing Gilbert and Sullivan. “Quite peculiar,” Donovan said when asked about the situation in an interview with The Space Times. Of course when Donovan and Powell saw the robot’s state they get to figuring out what happened and come to the conclusion that the 3 robot laws “One, a robot may not injure a human being, or, through inaction, allow a human being to come to harm. “Two… a robot must obey the orders given it by human beings except where such orders would conflict with the First Law. “And three, a robot must protect its own existence as long as such protection does not conflict with the First or Second Laws” So the order that Speedy got for getting the selenium was a casual one but due to some poisonous gas around the pool the poor robot couldn’t figure out what order to follow, either to get the selenium and go back or to save  . Powell and Donovan tried to figure out what to do and they came up with the idea of trying to overpower one of the laws, they first tried to make the robot feel more in danger by using some chemicals however the robot just went back to its drunk state. “It was extremely terrifying that we were gonna burn down the headquarters,” Powell told our interviewer. Then they came up with a better idea and tried to overpower law 1 and tried to get the robot to save one of the humans, so Powell decided to go out into the sun and get the robot’s attention however this plan was almost ruined when the older robot also tried to save Powell but ultimately Speedy saved Powell who in turn saved the robot by risking his life in the sun which overpowered the laws that his processors were fighting over.

Special thanks to Gregory Powell and Michael Donovan for giving us an exclusive insight into what happens in space.

Reporter and Interviewer: Noshi Shaikh

I hope you liked this small guide and learnt something from it. Don’t forget to like, comment and share.

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