A travel Guide to explore Jeju.

Hey guys!!. So recently I visited Jeju for Spring break. This was my 2nd time in Jeju, So I decided to make a small guide to travelling to Jeju. This guide is more suitable for travelling with kids.

Let’s start with some nature-based places.

  1. Jeongbang Waterfall
    This waterfall is magnificent just overlooking the ocean. The water falls into a cove which then goes to the sea. It’s the perfect place to enjoy the scenery and take some beautiful photos.
  1. The canola flower field
    This field is just acres and acres of the yellow flower known as the Canola flower. The field is beautiful to see and also a fantastic place to take photos. Every year during spring there is also a Festival held known as The Canola Flower Festival which marks the start of Spring.
  1. Saeyeongyo bridge
    This bridge is what connects the Seogwipo port and Bird Island. It’s one of the longest pedestrian overpass in the southernmost region. It has a monument which represents the wind and sails. This is also a great place to take photos overlooking the sea.
  1. Oedolgae Rock
    Also known as the Janggunseok Rock, this rock overlooks multiple islands like Bum island and Sae Island. It is quite a beautiful sight and again an excellent place for pictures.
  1. Woljeongri Beach
    This beach boasts breathtaking scenery with a side of the white sand and the emerald sea. It’s perfect for just lounging around and relaxing. What makes it in even better is that there is a line of cafes all overlooking it, so you can grab a drink and just take in the views.

Here is a very short video of the beach

  1. Mount. Hallasan
    Hiking the Mountain is no easy feat, but the view is well worth it. It takes a long time to get up and is very tiring but every step of the way, you can soak in the magical scenery on your left and right. It is the highest mountain in South Korea.
The trail to the mountain

We are now moving onto some more man-made places such as theme parks.

  1. Leports land
    This is a fun recreational place which has many activities like Go-Karting, water tube sliding, Zip lining and Paintball. The go-Karting course is easily one of the biggest tracks in Korea and is quite fun. Great for going with Family and friends.
  1. Jeju Mini-Land
    This park is a vast park featuring mini versions of the Most famous attractions around the Globe, including Unesco heritage sites. The number of structures is about 116. You can walk all over the park to see everything for yourself.

Some pics from the theme park:

  1. Pacific Land
    Watch Dolphin, sea lion, and monkey shows all in one. Quite fun and exciting to watch. More suitable for the younger audience. Try some water-based activities and go to the seafood buffet.
  1. Seogwipo Submarine tour
    Explore life underwater in Jeju with this submarine tour, watch the fishes in their natural habitat and explore the underwater beauty.

I hope you liked this post and tell me if you visit these places in Jeju down in the comments. Don’t forget to like, comment and share. Bye for now.

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