Essential tips for MUN

Hi. How are you guys? I hope you’re doing good. So I have a MUN conference coming in 3 weeks, And what better time to give you some tips that I’ve learnt over the years through the conferences but also through my speech and Debate club at school. These tips can help you have a fun and memorable experience.

So here it goes, firstly I’ll tell you about the general starting of the conferences, but they might be a bit different depending on where you’re going.

  • Roll Call
    • Present: You can agree, disagree or abstain on any voting procedures
    • Present and Voting: You can only approve or disagree on any voting procedures.
  • Opening Speeches
    • This is the speech that introduces you, your country and your topic and your position on that topic
    • This is the only speech that is written before the conference starts.
  • Lobbying
    • This is when you talk to other delegates and come up with a full resolution and decide Main and co submitters.
  • Debate
    • This is when you debate on the resolutions and come up with amendments.
  • Voting
    • This is the final stage for every resolution when you vote on whether the resolution should pass or not.
      Note: Lobbying and opening speeches only happens once, on the first day of the conference.
  • Know basic terms such as
    • POI (point of information/inquiry)
    • Point of order – made if you believe that there has been some problem in the order
    • Points of personal privilege – made if you cannot hear the speaker or something similar
    • Motions
      • You can use motions to transition from certain stages or go back to stages.
      • For example if you want to ask a POI, but you didn’t raise your placard in time, you can say: motion to extend POI’s and if any other delegate seconds it, you get the chance to ask your POI.
  • Be prepared (Make a research Binder)
    • Have the Chair report printed (for all topics if you can)
    • Important words you ought to know about all topics being debated
    • Prepare a few speeches if possible.
    • Have resolutions from the UN, if your topic has been debated before
    • Have a position paper, which will help you if you need to know where your country stands depending on the topic
      • Similarly, have a position paper for every topic being debated
    • Have policies relating to this topic and meeting, convention, agreements and treaties, all of them printed.
  • Prepare operative clauses
    • Operative clauses are what the resolution is based on and show the solutions for the topic being debated
    • If you are the main-submitter of the resolution and it passes, this means that there is a good chance you might get the best delegate.
  • Be confident and speak a lot
    • If you don’t understand something, ask POI’s to understand
    • If your country is the against the topic, make speeches or amendments to make it fit more
      • Ask POI’s which make the other delegates realise that the resolution should not be passed
  • Have fun.
    • Enjoy yourself
    • Make new friends
    • Learn new things

I hope this helps you with your conference. I hope you liked it. If you have any new tips, be sure to share them with me down in the comments below.

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