10 books you should read this year:

As you know, I love to read books and am always on the lookout for books to read. This is a list of books that I loved, and maybe you will like them too.

Starting with:

  1. The strange case of the Alchemist’s Daughter. A mixture of female monsters working together to triumph over the people who made their lives miserable.
  2. The Red Queen. The world is divided by two blood types – Red and silver but what happens when young Mare barrow a red, turns out to have powers beyond ordinary for red people.
  3. The Precious stone Trilogy. A time-travelling gene in a family supposedly skips over sixteen-year-old Gwen but unfortunately for her, she starts taking leaps back to the past, and unknown to the things surrounding time travelling she may be stuck in a problem.
  4. Paper daughter. Ink runs in Maggie Chen. After her journalist father dies, she is determined to keep his legacy alive however she ends up unravelling secrets, lies and a mysterious connection to the Chinese exclusion era.
  5. And Then There Were None. Guests invited by an eccentric millionaire to a private island off the coast of Devon. However when the guests arrive the host is nowhere to be seen. All of the guests have a dirty secret to hide but when they are marked for murder and killed one by one, who will be left?
  6. Animal Farm. Mistreated animals revolt to their master’s cruelty and take over his farm but when the Pigs slowly start taking over it what do the animals do — an allegorical tale written by George Orwell.
  7. Ms Peregrine’s peculiar children, series. A dead grandfather, A remote island, Ruins of an abandoned orphanage and a sixteen-year-old Jacob Portman on a journey to discover his grandfather’s secrets end up finding a supposedly abandoned orphanage filled with peculiar children who are possibly still alive. Follow Jacob on his tour of unravelling secrets and mysteries.
  8. Survivor: The triumph of an ordinary man in the Khmer Rouge genocide. The story of a man who survived the Khmer Rouge in Cambodia.
  9. Norng Chan Phal: The Mystery Of The Boy At S-21. The story of a kid who saw his family being ripped apart yet survived through it all.
  10. The Hate U Give. Starr Carter is stuck between 2 worlds, her poor neighbourhood and a fancy prep school she attends. But when her childhood best friend Khalil is killed at the hands of a police officer, all hell breaks loose. The only key to knowing what happened with Khalil is Starr but does she even know what happened?

Here ten books worth reading. I hope you liked them. Please like, comment and share. Are any of the books on the list your favourites? Comment down below to tell me which book is your favourite.

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