Hey guys, this is a dystopian story that I wrote. I hope you like it.

16 years really change someone. Well, here it goes: My name is Jayde Riviere, and I have lived a life which I would never wish on anyone. Luckily it was getting better until one day; my nightmares came back to me. I hope you enjoy this book and realise how twisted the world is.

I thought it had all ended, I had lived fine all these years, but they came, they came and tried to know if I was one of ‘them’. I said no, they had my name, but it was my old one, I was now known as Jayde Riviere, not Jay Sutcliffe. They searched my whole house. They didn’t find anything of course, but it was nerve-wracking, looking at them trying to find any traces of my old self. I was one of the luckier ones; my change wasn’t that recognisable like three arms or 4 eyes, mine was hidden. No one in my family knew me now, even if I passed them in the street. Of course, you might be thinking that my face changed, no no, don’t get that impression. I’ll tell you what happened, wait, and you’ll find out everything.

It was a sunny day, I was walking down the street, and it all happened so suddenly that it seemed it was a dark day, with no sun and no way for life to get better. I saw one of the inhumane people, he had another hand, it was hidden in his trench coat but he fell and it was revealed. Turns out he had also changed his identity and came to live here, but he wasn’t so fortunate. The second people saw him, seven phones were dialling the secret police. They came in a minute, and they beat him to death. I couldn’t do anything, but as I looked on, fear washed over me. So that’s what’s going to happen to me if they find out. Everyone around me was laughing and smiling as if they hadn’t just seen a man being beaten to death. I was a dark cloud in the middle of suns, but I blended in so well. Even someone with a keen eye wouldn’t be able to spot me. I felt a huge block in my throat; I couldn’t speak, fear and guilt all over me. I tried to act as normal as I could, but I couldn’t help it. I was supposed to be protecting this country not living in fear of the same people I was supposed to protect. This was NOT what I signed up for, quite literally.

The government was looking for a reason to kill certain people and killing them in the name of making the world better was the best excuse. All these people were living in fear of being fake framed, but they also hated the others. It was disgusting and exciting to watch them, scramble around to save themselves but also make sure that we inhumans had the worst life.

That night I lay on my bed, my hand brushed my hair, that is what changed, my hair colour, all my body hair, changed colour, it went from dark brown to ash brown. It was a very sudden change, and I remember being terrified, but it helped me, it helped change my identity and stay safe from the police. I grew a beard, and I was a new person.

Well, you would like to know, how it all started, so here it goes: it was 16 years ago, in 2024, I was 20 at the time, I was a wanderer, trying to find myself, I came across some fliers, they were about super soldiers for the army. They were going to turn us into super soldiers, and we would serve our country. I was really excited, but first I had to get selected, I got myself ready for the selection. I went and signed up, and I got selected the same day. I was thrilled. According to what they told the reporters, everything was going ok, and the country would have the world’s finest soldiers, but inside everything was wrong, they couldn’t perfect the serum,but they couldn’t postpone the ‘changing’, as they called it, because they had already extended it for 3 years. Finally, they had to give in and do the changing. I was one of the last people to be ‘changed’. The side effects weren’t visible until after a few weeks. Everyone started complaining of pains in their bodies. It was because they were sprouting more body parts. I, on the other hand, didn’t feel any pain since my change was colour, no one realised my hair had changed. So naturally, the scientists thought I was the only successful one, but it soon proved wrong because I didn’t have super strength. They let me go. Two months passed nothing happened, but then suddenly all the people who were with me in the ‘changing’ started to disappear. I found out they were being killed, or they fled the country.

I realised that the government had been spreading lies, that all the changes that occurred were the volunteer’s faults as they weren’t good enough. It caused an uproar in the country, and all the ordinary people started to riot and rebel against us. The government used this uproar as an excuse to recruit more people for the test, but it failed again, and it repeated itself. It’s been 16 years, and I still haven’t forgotten anything, it was just too painful to ignore. I still remember the day when they found out, I also had a side effect, I remember panic flooding me, I was in a pool of sweat, I was shaking and trembling. I couldn’t figure out what to do. I kept looking through my room but all I saw was a blur, I was crying, and I hadn’t realised it. I remember finally getting into my senses and shakily going up to my closet and taking out my suitcase, and I just started to shove clothes and anything I could. After 5 minutes I was out of the door, with everything that might prove as evidence that I was in the test and I fled. I didn’t flee the country. Instead, I moved to a completely different town, on the other side of the country.

Hoping my nightmares wouldn’t catch up with me. But they did but they caught up in an unexpected way. The people who had killed my friends wanted me to kill more inhumane people (this is what I liked to call them). I politely refused by saying that I didn’t enjoy killing, I didn’t specify that I didn’t like killing people who were inhumane. They left my house, but more letters in the mail, asking me to sign up. I kept refusing them and they stopped coming. But I was sure they were planning to murder me but they knew if they killed me, the people would start to rebel, the people nowadays were looking for any reason to start a riot and this would be the perfect one, but by making me the head of their department they could kill me without people ever thinking it was them.

What they didn’t know was that I was planning something too, Oh it was something big and it was going to leave everyone shaking and that’s what they’re going to get for killing my precious Katy. Oh she was so young, and full of spirit. She had all of her life ahead of her but they killed her, very gruesomely, oh what I got back of her for the funeral was her heart. They took everything out, EVERYTHING but they left her heart for me. And she let them do it to her, she didn’t stop them or try to prevent it and then she left, just left. Oh my poor Katie, I’ll avenge you my darling they’ll pay for what they did to me and you. If you want to know who Katie was, she was my daughter my only daughter, My light and my joy. She was so excited for me but she never saw me again. Oh I betrayed her and then they came after her; It’s all my fault, but Ally’s on fault too, she didn’t stop them from killing her own daughter instead she fled leaving her daughter to fend of for herself and I didn’t know about it until it was too late.. But we’ll stop there,

I plan to expose them, I know who they really are and what they’re doing, and I am going to show the world. That’s my promise. I prepared, and I prepared. I got everything I needed except one thing. I needed one document which was all the evidence I needed but getting that document would be hard, but once I got that document, they would all pay for what they did to me.

I got changed and left my house and then in a split second i was surrounded, by none other than the secret police. I put my hands up in the air and asked them what was wrong. They said I knew what i had done but i politely refused saying I didn’t. They believed me and then told me that someone had reported that i was one of ‘them’ and they were here to take me away. I knew they were lying because they never took away people, they killed them right there but I just told them that they had the permission to check me if they thought I was inhumane, they checked me and then they left. I was happy that they didn’t find out i was but then again, they never would have found out anyways. I knew they were here because I knew about their secrets. They were going have to try harder to take me.

I left my house and went to my local butcher shop, I told him to give me my regular order which was chicken legs and breasts. He gave them to me and then I went to the grocers to get milk, bread, cheese and crisps. I went to the empty store in opposite of the grocers, I made sure no one saw me go in. I went to the very end, and opened a secret door in the wall. I got into a elevator and went to the last floor, I got off and all the lights opened to reveal a huge secret lair. I smirked to myself and then I went to a filing office. I couldn’t believe that they still had files, the last time I saw this was when I was a baby. But then this was a good place to hide the documents since no one ever looked at files now. I looked through the cabinets for any search of things that looked out of place or that looked too normal. I had a hard time finding it but then i realised one thing, why was it so easy to get in here, maybe because they wanted me to.

I quickly bolted out of there and was in my house in 3 minutes, sure enough someone had been in here. I looked through everything to make sure nothing had been taken, clearly they didn’t find what they were looking for, proof that I was inhumane. I quickly realised that they had put up cameras, I managed to hack into them outside of my house and they were disabled. I didn’t leave the house for the whole month, I got all my food and supplies delivered to me and I knew there were people keeping an eye on me every second of the day. I continued to write in this diary in the bathroom, that was the only place where I knew they weren’t looking at me. And as far as I was concerned they didn’t even know this diary existed.

A month passed and they left because they couldn’t find anything, I was acting like a normal person, I had friends over, I talked to them and the secret police didn’t suspect a thing that was until one day my friends brought up the topic of inhumane, I was hesitating a lot but I made that it looked like I was sick, my friends didn’t suspect me at all and I’m sure the police didn’t suspect me. I was going to have to work harder to make them lose any suspicions they had.

One day I decided to go outside to get fresh air but to also to remove any suspicions. I got changed and left my house, and then in a split second, I was surrounded, by none other than the secret police. They wanted to take me to their head for a ‘chat’. I reluctantly agreed and followed them.

This is Martin; I’m Jayde’s brother. Even though I’m not mentioned in this story, I had a lot to contribute. I’m going to finish this book on my brother’s behalf since he was killed by the government when he went to talk to the head of secret police. He went missing for three months and then his body turned up in the dumpster behind his house. The secret he was talking about was that the government were criminals in disguise trying to have super soldiers for THEIR army. I’m devastated that he couldn’t finish this book, but I hope the people realise what the world is.

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