Choppy waters

Hey guys. Here’s a short scene I’ve written. I hope you like it. Don’t forget to like, comment and share.

“It’s all smooth sailing from now,” I said to myself. Nothing to worry me and no hard waters, but as if someone had just cursed me, in a split second there was wind, rain and choppy waters. I started losing control on my boat, among everyone else, who was having no trouble at all. I barely managed to stay afloat, but as if that wasn’t enough, my boat turned upside down. Everything in it started to fall out and float away or drown. I was scared and terrified, trying to hold on to the boat but also making sure, I didn’t lose my stuff. It was scary trying to get my stuff without losing my grip on the boat. I was barely hanging on. Some stuff that went down, I was glad went down, but they brought unintended consequences. I found out there were hungry sharks in the water, trying to find their next victim and I was perfect. I worked harder and harder to turn everything back to normal but little did I know, nothing would be the same anymore. The more I tried, the harder it became. I tried to relax and breathe, and let myself go with the floe. It helped, I was clear-minded, and I realised that the sharks were actually just small fishes, turned large because of my fear. “It’s going to be hard work from now on.”

I hope you liked it. some parts of it are based on my life, some of them are entirely from my imagination. 

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