Jenny’s little adventure, part 2

Some people think that writing comes easy for me but let me tell you that writing isn’t smooth, it starts with an idea, and then I work on it in my brain but by the time I type it, it becomes something else, and that’s what makes it better.
Hey guys, I’m back with part 2 of Jenny’s adventure. Hope you like it.

Jenny’s hands trembled as bent down to pick up the letter she dropped out of shock. Her mind was in shambles, and she couldn’t function properly. She was trying to digest it all, but it was getting harder every time she thought about it. After a few minutes, she finally got ahold of herself and took some deep breaths and decided to look into the matter. She left the letter on her bed and went to find her mum. She found her mum in the living room watching t.v. She went up to her and asked: “Mum, When’s dad coming back?”. Her mum looked at her, hesitated and then said: ” I, I told you, honey, he’s abroad for a business trip.” “Mum, I know that’s not true,” Jenny replied. “It’s true, sweetie, plus what makes you think it’s not true?” “I don’t know mum, but dad’s never gone this long, please just tell me the truth.”

After a few moments of silence, Jenny’s mum finally spoke up and told her everything. She told her when he went missing and how many letters she got regarding him, she said to her that the police couldn’t find anything about him. After that talk, Jenny tried her best to keep her tears inside until she reached her room. The second she locked the door, the tears came and didn’t end until an hour passed. Finally, Jenny wiped her tears away, stood up and took a few glances at her room. She decided that she was going to find a way to bring back her dad, without losing that match. She made a small bag with some “detective stuff”, which included the letter, a magnifying glass, a notebook, a pencil and her camera. She told her mum she was going to the library and her mum said it was ok. She reached the library, and then made her way towards the computers. She searched up some previous criminal records who had either escaped or been released. She cross-referenced them with the name Paul C. She found nothing. Disappointed she started to make her way back home when she had an idea. Her dad was a football coach in her school, and he’s the one who taught her. She knew some other coaches didn’t like dad, and she decided to look up the coaches from her school and other schools they had fought against. After an hour of hard work, she found one name that almost matched the name of the person who wrote her the letter. The person was from their “enemy” school, Sunnyside Highschool. It was coach Paullus Crawford, but everyone called him Paul. She decided to look into him, but it would be hard.

I hope you enjoyed this part and don’t forget to like, comment and share.
Love Noshi.

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