Jenny’s Adventure

Hey, guys sorry for not posting for some time. I’ve planned some posts that I will hopefully be posting soon. Until then enjoy this quick story I wrote.

A dark storm was forming just near the east of California. It was raining very hard, and Jenny was locked in her room, covered in a blanket. Her face glued to the t.v while an empty bowl of popcorn full of kernels lay on her side. Annabelle was screening on t.v. This was the case for Jenny on every Rainy night. Her room was dimly lit which according to Jenny made it cosier. She had a thin face, round eyes and a crooked nose. She had a slim body but a very good physique because she had a sporty side. She had had a football match that morning, and she had another one tomorrow, If the game tomorrow were cancelled due to the rain, her team would lose the season. There was a light knock on her bedroom door, and her mum came in and told Jenny to go to sleep as it was nearing 12, Jenny, however, refused, after several minutes of arguing, Jenny finally gave in and went to bed.

Jenny woke up at the crack of dawn, sat straight on her bed and then looked around her room for several minutes, trying to figure out something but then she shook her head and then headed for the bathroom. After getting refreshed, she made her way towards the kitchen. In the kitchen, her mother looked at her and then addressing no one, in particular, said: “Ah, look who’s awake so early.”, “Stop it, Mum,” replied a tired Jenny. She then grabbed a piece of toast from the toaster and then applied jam to it and started eating. “Sweetie, I got the message this morning the game’s cancelled.” Jenny groaned but continued eating her piece of bread. After finishing her toast, Jenny started to make her way back to her room, but her mum stopped her told her that she had mail. She was a bit curious as to who sent her mail, as to who had sent her that letter. She thanked her mum, picked up the letter and went to her room. She quickly jumped on her bed and tore open the envelope which was empty on one side, the other side just had her name and address. After she opened the envelope, she found a piece of folded paper. She unfolded it and read it.

Dear Jenny,
Sorry to hear your match got cancelled but hey you gotta do, what you gotta do. I know you have been wondering about your Father’s whereabouts, even though your mum says that he’s abroad. Of course, any sane person would be worried about their parents, so you are too. But what will you do if I tell you that your fathers in trouble? Ooh, I got your attention now. I know where your father is because I have him. I know after reading this you want to see your father so badly. So I’ll make you an offer. Your next football match is in a week, and I want you to deliberately lose that match.
Oh, now you think why?, well because I’ll release your father, once your team loses that match. Deal? Yes, perfect then. If you show this letter to anyone, I will find out about it, so be warned.
Yours truly,
Paul C.

This is not the end of the story. I will be writing more parts maybe 2 or 3 more. I hope you enjoy this part.
Love, Noshi.

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