Robber part 11

Hey guys, Sorry for not posting for some time. So I’m hoping to finish the Robber soon. If you have any questions or remarks, don’t forget to email me.

It was 6 in the morning when Sagitta woke up, he shot up from his sleeping bag as if something was about to happen, but there was silence around him. He looked at his mother and said to himself “Ah! Mother seems so peaceful in her Slumber, It would be wrong to wake her up”, and then he shook his head as if answering a question in his mind. He stood up and said to himself “I am tired of Alcander and Batillus going around in the dark with an evil plot, I will not tolerate it, I must prepare.” but unknown to him Alcander was listening to him. Sagitta started to pack up some stuff in a small bag, after packing some food, two knives and some water, he began his journey towards the mountains which surrounded the village, he was going north. Alcander looked at Sagitta, smiled to himself and said”Oh! I will find out what you are up to” and started to follow him.

His Journey was hard, even though he didn’t come across anyone journeying through some of the steepest and tallest mountains is not an easy feat. He managed to reach his destination in 2 weeks. On his 14th day, he was standing outside tall doors, which were the entrance to the Warrior Academy it was where he learnt all of his skills. He knocked on the doors, it was a loud bang and then a loud creak which announced the door being opened, a small stout man came out saying in a booming voice: “Who here dares knock on the daredevil’s academy?”. And Sagitta replied in the same booming voice: “It is I Sagitta, I have come to ask a favour from the Daredevil in hopes that he will help me in a tough situation.” Then the same booming voice of the man replied: “Ah!, Sagitta you are always welcome in the academy please enter.” While this was happening, Alcander was hiding behind some bushes to see what exactly Sagitta had come up to do in the academy. He followed Sagitta inside the academy when he entered. Sagitta greeted everyone happily as he was considered one of the best warriors to come out of the academy. He went inside the building which was a massive red building with towers on either side and a vast courtyard where all the warriors trained. He went inside and to the main room which was enormous room, full of ancient artefacts and drawings of warriors. In the centre of the room was a man standing, dressed in magnificent silk and had a sword with diamonds encrusted on its handle in his hand. Sagitta looked at him, bowed down and said: “Master I am here.” The man replied: “I am not your Master anymore, Stand up and talk to me.” Sagitta did what he was told, and explained his situation to the Daredevil, and then he said: “I need Warriors, you’re best men, I have a fight and I cannot fight alone.” Upon which the Master simply replied: “Who are you fighting?” He told him all about Alcander and Batillus, Then the Daredevil said: “I see, I am right that the people you are talking about are powerful.” Sagitta violently nodded. All while they were talking, Alcander was eavesdropping in on their conversation and kept saying to himself: “Oh! Sagitta you will never win.” After going back and forth, the Daredevil finally let Sagitta have his men, some of the best warriors. Later that day, Sagitta saw the men in action and was awed by their talent. After their Practice, Sagitta got all of them together and told them about the war that they were going in. They were all brave and fearless warriors, to agreed to help Sagitta with his mission.

The Warriors and Sagitta all trained for a week before going down. Alcander, on the other hand, had left on the second day to inform Batillus about these new circumstances. He went to a small village, not to close or to near to the village he was from. He told everyone in the village about the new circumstances, mind you all the people in the village supported Alcander and BAtiluus and had been preparing to start a war against Sagitta and this further information gave them the opportunity to do just that. They all prepared for battle so did Sagitta’s Army. Things were getting worse.

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