Little Rock 9

I’m baaack, Hey guys I hope you’re doing good. So I’m back with one more Black history article. I promise this is the last one. This one’s about Little Rock Nine. I hope you like it.

The Little Rock nine were 9 African American Students who defied racial segregation in the schools of Little Rock, Arkansas. The group included Minnijean Brown, Elizabeth Eckford, Ernest Green, Thelma Mothershed, Melba Pattillo, Gloria Ray, Terrence Roberts, Jefferson Thomas, and Carlotta Walls. These students did what every figure in the civil rights movement would come to do, Never gave up. These students faced violence every day, but they kept coming back because equal education was in their rights.

In summer 1957, these nine students enrolled at Little Rock central HIgh school, which formerly was white, Their decision to enrol was a test for the decision of brown v.s  Board of education in 1954. The decision had declared segregation of schools, unconstitutional. However, Gov.Orval Faubus said that he would not allow integration in his area’s schools.

He set up national guard outside the school to prevent the 9 African American students from entering the schools.  Protesters and Angry white mobs harmed the Little rock 9 when they tried to enter the school on September 2nd, 1957.  This encounter made it to many newspapers and television who dubbed the students “Little Rock 9.”

The Students lingered at home for 18 days while president Eisenhower, Governor Faubus, and Little Rock’s mayor, Woodrow Mann.

On September 25th the students joined the school with the protection of U.S Soldiers. However, due to the rise in Violence and state insubordination, the president sent in an elite 101st Airborne division known as the “Screaming Eagles.” Also placing the National Guard under Federal Command.

The little rock 9 continued to face violence throughout the school year, and when Minnijean Brown started to retaliate, she got expelled. The rest of the eight students continued to study in the school. In 1958, Senior Ernest Green became the first African American student to graduate from Little Rock Central high school

The Civil Right Movement has mainly focused around on education.  Education, many believed, would help African Americans to get better jobs and to gain influence in American society. However, overcoming school segregation, especially in the South, meant extreme facing opposition and risking extreme violence.  Little Rock Nine served as a Catalyst for the Civil rights movement when the states started to stall desegregation. The civil rights movement led to the Congress to take action through the civil rights act of 1964; the law made it illegal to separate people based on their Race, religion, or origin in almost all aspects of the society.  Summing-up the Little Rock nine were figures who did something many failed to do.


Elisabeth Eckford, one of the first African-American students at Little Rock Central High being harassed by Hazel Massery, 1957. Reddit



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