Summary of Brown v.s Board of Education Supreme court case

Hey guys!, I hope you’re doing good. So here’s one more post about black history, This may or may not be the last, we’ll see. So this one’s about Brown v.s Board of Education one of the most important supreme cases in Black history. I hope you like it.

Brown vs Board of education was perhaps one of the most critical moments in Black history. This case helped black students to finally go to school with white students giving them an equal chance at studying and learning as the whites. This case gave hope to many African Americans that, “Separate but equal” would ultimately be gone. It gave them hope for the future, that their lives would get slightly better. The case was a huge stepping stone which would lead to a bridge which would lead the African- Americans to a better life. This case shed light on Segregation which had taken over the south. This case was a move towards a better future, a future which every black kid wanted.

February 28, 1951, Marks the day the case was filed by Oliver brown to the Federal district court, in Kansas. Following it many more segregated school cases were filed. Finally, in October 1952, the Supreme court announced that all the school cases would be filed under Brown vs Board of Education. During December 9th – 11th, the first round of arguments were held. The second round of discussions was held on 1953, December 7th – ninth. May 17, 1954, the day when the unanimous verdict which overturned Plessy v.s Ferguson and stated that “Separate but Equal” was considered unconstitutional. That day many black people rejoiced, not because they won the case but because there was still hope for the future. Later on May 31, 1955, Supreme court handed down Brown II, Ordering to start desegregation at all deliberate speed. This was significant as the term “All deliberate speed” was vague, this stalled desegregation in states, which served as the breeding ground for student protests which lead to the Civil rights Movement.

There were many Significant moments during that time, which helped shape the Unanimous decision. Some of them dated way back, before the case was even brought in the supreme court. 1908 July 2nd, The day when Thurgood Marshall was born, this day was of extreme importance because Thurgood Marshall would go on to become the Lead counsel in the Brown v.s Board of Education. 1909 when the NAACP was formed, this day has a significance because, in the coming years, NAACP would help in winning the case. Then fast forward to 8th September 1953, Chief Justice Fred Vinson Jr. died of a heart attack, this was significant because Justice Earl Warren was nominated in his place and would later address the unanimous ruling in the Brown v. Board case.

The Browns won this case because the Judges compared the arguments and also based them on the 12, 13 and 14 amendments but also on evidence found about what white students are being taught. Studying in the same place as blacks would teach whites that blacks are not bad as they are being shown. The impact was a good one as it was a significant step in desegregating America. This case ruling gave hope to many African-Americans that “Equal but Separate” would ultimately be gone. This case was prominent in Black history because this case got rid of segregation in schools and made sure that the phrase “Separate but Equal.” was unconstitutional and that it did not have a place in the society.  The Legacy of this case was passed through every generation of the black families. This case gave light to black people; it gave them hope for a better future.

One significant event which led to civil rights movement was after the May 31, Brown II decision which said to try and remove segregation at all deliberate speed, many places in south managed to avoid or stall desegregation for a long time which catalysed for students to start the civil rights movement. The civil rights movement led to the Congress to take action through the civil rights act of 1964; the law made it illegal to separate people based on their Race, religion, or origin in almost all aspects of the society.  To conclude the Brown vs Board of Education was indeed a significant moment in History, which led to many improvements in Blacks daily life.

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