The Ivy House

Hey guys!, Here’s an exclusive short story. I won’t continue this story instead its just one part. I hope you like it. Enjoy

It was a fine Sunday morning outside the Ivy house. All the members of the house were having breakfast, but then suddenly there was a huge cracking noise, and then the pieces of a fine china plate could be seen on the hardwood floor “Its Okay, it was an old plate, I was going to throw it away in a few days anyway.” exclaimed a woman, she was sitting on the huge dining table in the middle of the colossal room. “Uh! not another one, we’ve already broken half of that set, it’s my favorite.” said a woman with a raspy voice, she was sitting at the very end of the table. “Why does Lizzy have to be so clumsy, Mum!” remarked a young boy of 10. He was sitting opposite to his Mum. Just then a girl of around 15 came running into the room, she ran towards the table and said: “I’ll clean it up, Lizzy don’t worry.” “It’s Okay Minnie, you’re the cook, not the maid, I can clean it up myself,” said Lizzy.  “Do you need anything else? maybe some juice or eggs?” Minnie quickly said, brushing herself. “No we don’t need anything, Minnie,” said grandmother, she was the women with the raspy voice. “O-O-Ok Mrs.Florence, I’ll just leave,” Minnie said Stammering and then she quickly left the room.

After the breakfast, everyone was lounging in the living room, Lizzy and Minnie were sitting near the Fireplace talking, Mrs. Florence was in the kitchen making her special Bread while Alexander or Alex was reading with his Mother Mrs.Dave on the Couch. Lizzy and Alexander’s father was in the army, so he hardly ever returned home. The kids lived with their mother, Grandmother, and Minnie their Cook. Minnie was a different kid, she used to believe in things which didn’t exist yet they made sense. That was one of the reasons why Lizzy liked Minnie, Minnie would tell things, and Lizzy would work on them and Try to solve them. They made an excellent team.

It was nearing dark, and the rain was starting to pour, and within an hour, the rain had intensified. They lived near the shore in Collioure, France, because of this they hardly had visitors. It was nearing midnight, but Minnie and Lizzy were still by the fire drinking hot chocolate and talking. Suddenly they heard someone knock on the door, they both gave each other puzzled looks, none of them knew who was at the door. Minnie stood up and walked towards the door but before she could open it, she heard someone on the stairs, so she turned around to see Mrs. Dave who was wearing her purple and pink satin nightgown, and she asked: “Who is it, Minnie?” “I don’t know, but who could it be?” she replied. “Open the door Minnie,” Lizzy said.  After she opened the door, Minnie quickly ran to the kitchen to get something for the stranger in the living room. The person was wearing a big cloak which covered them fully, and the only thing the person had said was “Can I stay at your house?” In a few quick strides, Mrs. Dave was at the door and was already ushering the person inside.

The person removed the cloak, and it turned out to be an old woman. Lizzy was waiting near the kitchen, and Mrs. Dave was tending to the old woman. She ordered Minnie to get a strong cup of Coffee for the old women as she was shivering because of the rain. Once the women had had the coffee, she finally looked better. Lizzie and Minnie were observing her from the kitchen window since the window gave a perfect view of the whole living area. They were whispering to each other after every second. Finally, Lizzie took a deep breath and walked over to their visitor and said: “It is a pleasure to have you here.”, “Oh! My dear, the pleasure is mine and let me thank you for yours and your family’s generosity.” The old women replied smiling. “I hope you feel welcome here.” said Mrs.Dave, “Oh! don’t worry I will, but I want to ask one thing” the women replied, “Oh ask away” replied Mrs.Dave. “Does Beverly Florence live here?” A huge clang of a metal pot dropping could be heard and then rushing footsteps of Beverly Florence. “Darlene!, Is that you?” Said the panting voice of Mrs. Florence “Yes, it’s me.” Replied Darlene. Both women looked at each other and embraced each other in a warm hug. Later that night, a special dinner was made to celebrate the reunion of two best friends.

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