Part 10 Robber

Hey guys!, I hope you are doing good, and Here it is Robber part 10 *yay*. I will be posting more today, Hopefully. Until then Enjoy this.

Sagitta and Batillus were still having their conversation which went back and forth of each of them, saying something to annoy the other. They went on like this until they heard the rustling of leaves, which made Batillus turn around sharply but Sagitta stayed and merely said: “It’s just a strong breeze, don’t get worked up over it.” which made Batillus growl at him and a quick grin came over Sagitta but went away as quickly as it had come. Finally, Batillus looked Sagitta straight into his eyes and growled: “Well, I have had enough of this, You will regret you ever turned your back towards me.” and after that, he left towards the forest. Sagitta sighed but was still angry about how Batillus had treated him. He was thinking of a plan to get his mother back when he said to himself: “Should I follow him?” but then answered his question by saying: “No, no he would expect that, I need to do something he wouldn’t expect, perhaps I should stay, that would get him curious.” After making up his mind, he went back to the village and looked around.

The day was a beautiful one, birds chirping and a light breeze and yet it felt as if something was wrong. His eyes darted around for a few seconds before settling on a huge tree, far across the village, near a small pond. He saw that someone was standing near the tree, it was an old man leaning towards the pond. Sagitta decided to go and visit the man, as he had never noticed the tree or the man before. He went up to the man and said: “Good Morning, A lovely day, isn’t it!”, When the old man looked up to him, it gave him a shock because it wasn’t an old man. Instead, it was his mother. Stuttering he said: “M..m..mother, how are you here?” His mother, on the other hand, paid no attention to his remark. Instead, she replied: “Yes, indeed the day is wonderful today.” Sagitta was staring at him, and when she looked at, she just gave a slight chuckle and remarked: “Whats, the matter son?” but Sagitta just kept staring. After a few seconds, He finally came to his senses and managed to say: “I thought that Alcander took you.”, then she casually replied: “Huh!, I would like to see Alcander try and take me.” After which she started to chuckle. And then she continued: “Oh dear, don’t worry I just decided to take a small visit to the mountains but when I came back somebody had destroyed my hut, so I decided to stay in this tree’s shade.” “Oh mother, you should have told me, I was so worried that something happened to you,” Sagitta replied.

They talked, and she told him, where she went and what she did, and then he told her whom he met and what he did. They were busy talking, and they stopped around 9 in the night. Lavinia left to get some food, which she then cooked and then Sagitta managed to find some sleeping bags and they spent the night under the tree’s shade.

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