Olympics (Cheating and Gender Equality)

Hey guys, I hope you are doing good. Sorry for not posting, but anyways Today I’m discussing cheating and Gender equality in the Olympics. I used the data and analysis method. I hope you learn something from this. If you have any questions or see something wrong, don’t be afraid to add on in the comments down below. Enjoy

Women and Men equality :


Initially, Olympics only let men participate, but now women are allowed to participate but still over the years women’s percentage has been less than men in a lot of charts. So to try and narrow down the gender gap in sports, The Olympics committee made an agenda in 2014 for 2020 Olympics to make sure 50% women and 50% men participate in the Olympics to Improve women’s participation and Involvement by creating more participation opportunities in the games.

President Bach at the IOC Executive Board meeting on 21 August 2015 said: “This is an excellent step forward. We have made history – to have equal numbers of women and men competing for the first time at the Olympic games or youth Olympic games. As well as being another big step in the implementation of Olympic agenda 2020, this is a great milestone for women’s sport and for the Olympic movement as a whole. the ioc encourages and supports the promotion of women in sport at all levels and in all structures with a view to implementing the principle of equality of men and women.”

Women’s participation in the Olympic Winter Games (2014) :


The International Olympic Committee Executive Board Members by gender (2015):


National Olympic Committee Executive Board Members by gender (2015):


Analysis: When we compare the charts we see that in all aspects of the Olympics women have either less participation in the games or don’t work in the IOC. Over the Women’s involvement in both aspects women have not exceeded 50%, this is a problem because we don’t know why fewer women are participating?, Is the country they are from not encourage them, do they get treated unequally, or is there an entirely different reason. We don’t know, which is why it makes this issue even more critical because we don’t if there are things and facts about How the Olympic committee treats the athletes. We rely on the news to be updated about the games, but the reports will not tell us secrets about the Olympics community. Even though we are unsure or not aware of what happens there, we do know is that the IOC made an agenda in 2014 for 2020 Olympics to work with the Olympic Committees around the world to have 50% male and 50% female athletes in the games. This is a big step as it ensures us that we indeed are moving towards a bright future keeping in mind that women can contribute to everything as much as men can. As I look at the National Olympic Committee Executive Board Members chart from 2015, I see that the women in the board committee are decidedly less in every continent. Especially in Asia where there are multiple countries which don’t encourage women to do anything except stay at home. But this move by the IOC shows that the “Future is still Women” Not only do women participation affect ports but it affects every aspect of sports because we get different ideas, a new point of views and most importantly a new way of looking at the world. By helping women participate in the various aspects of Olympics, we ensure help spread the message of gender equality and to tell the world that women are capable of everything men are capable of doing. Even when women are allowed to play, there are limitations for them in every aspect limiting their choices and due to this women are put in sports made explicitly for them resulting in gender stereotypes which leads to different rewards and unequal wages between genders. Even if we think we are taking a correct step but are we really taking it or is it just one wrong way to another? This is something to think about because we promote equality and justice but do we do it too. It’s a matter of saying and doing. What I mean I’m doing but what I’m actually doing.

Cheating in the Olympics:


Many athletes and judges in the Olympics have been caught in the act of bribery and using steroids and drugs. Many athletes use drugs or are bribed to either win or lose. These kinds of treacheries can have a huge impact on countries and people. There have been many cases where people cheated in other ways like Sabotage, bribe, etc. Many people have been found and ripped of their medals and titles because of cheating.

Why do people do illegal things to win?

Many IOC officials have started testing for drugs and illegal substances in athletes body but are drugs the only way to cheat in Olympics? No, there are many ways, some which we may not know about or some being visible to people. People have been found cheating in races by leaving in the middle of the match and then using means of transportation to reach the finish. There are many ways to cheat but are all of them easy to catch?

Doping violations at the Olympics With the notable exception of Moscow in 1980, doping violations at the Olympics have been increasing since 1968. :


Drug Abuse At The Olympics:



Screen Shot 2018-04-14 at 8.37.21 PM.png

Analysis: As we know that there are many cases of cheating and illegal acts in the Olympics. Athletes and Judges do this to make their country proud or to have fame for themselves, but fraud isn’t the correct way to do it. By cheating, they ensure their country’s loss because due to many scandals in previous games. Athletes are tested for drugs and the officials try their best to make sure that the games are as clean and go as smooth as possible but why do the athletes go to these means to ensure victory rather than giving the games their best and providing victory by legal means. Athletes risk their medals and their pride in the games when they use drugs and put themselves in front very well knowing that they can be caught and ripped off their titles and Medals. So why do they take this risk to win?. We may not know the answer to this question, but we can safely assume that they are doing it for either Personal gain or for the country’s benefit. Even if they are doing it for good things like making your country proud, doing them the wrong way just makes it worse because when the officials find out, your country is going to be humiliated in front all the other nations and that’s only even worse than not winning a single Medal. This brings us back to our Main question, Why are they willing to take such significant risks?  This question may be a mystery to many people but can we say the same from people involved in the scandal or about people with knowledge about it. This tells us that though we see many things in front of us, most of them may very well be hidden from view These scandals should be exposed to the world to show other athletes what can happen to them and to make them realise that your and your country’s honour is more important than medals. Which can be portrayed as a symbol of someone being better than someone else. Which doesn’t add up to equality yet medals are an important part and tradition of the Olympics to show that doing your best and working hard does pay off. There have been many examples of cheating without using drugs, for example, China is known to have sent underage gymnasts who are not allowed, or judges being bribed to bring an event to one country’s favour or athletes sabotaging their opponents to ensure their win. But even though many athletes know that they can be quickly caught if they use drugs or steroids to win because of the technology these days, finding out who’s cheating and whose not is really easy nonetheless athletes risk everything and still use drugs.


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4 thoughts on “Olympics (Cheating and Gender Equality)

  1. Cynthia says:

    Amazing analysis! Such a powerful piece, and I think it really shows how biased the Olympics are. I also like how detailed the analysis was, and the charts are a very nice visual aid for the analysis. Great Job!


  2. Jalisa Walp says:

    Hello, I think your blog might be having browser compatibility issues. When I look at your blog site in Opera, it looks fine but when opening in Internet Explorer, it has some overlapping. I just wanted to give you a quick heads up! Other then that, very good blog!


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