Global Events

Hey Guys!!, So for today I decided to write something different, and the Topic is “What are Global Events?” I had some research on this topic, so I decided to share it with all of you. Enjoy reading it and don’t forget to like and comment on it. If you have any ideas or would like to continue this, put it down in the comments, I’ll be more than thrilled to read what you have to say.

A global event is an event that is held in a pattern of date, advertised to the general public welcoming any sex, religion, ethnicities, race, and nationality. 

Here is my Criteria for a Global Events.

A pattern of date Open to anyone Advertisement Diverse
Happens after a certain time period

  • ex) Oscars occur every year
  • ex) Olympics every 4 years
  • Everyone is passionately involved
  • Citizens with different nationalities can join the event
  • Not only nationalities but religion, sex, ethnicities, race
  • ex) ComicCon is open to everyone  

General space, public space

  • For people to gather together
  • Easily accessible
  • Able to find it quickly
  • Appealed to the press
  • General public
  • Posters, Videos, Radio, social media  
Internationally known subjects

Includes every global citizen  

  • Variety of cultures are shown
  • Shares knowledge about diverse cultures
  • ex) Coachella plays a variety of styled music, with musicians all around the world


  • What was your top choice for a global event and why?


    1. Comic-con because it matched with all of my criteria
      1. The pattern of date: It happens every year
      2. Open to anyone: Anyone can join in the fun, and there are no restrictions for anyone
      3. general Space: It occurs in a big hall where people gather
      4. Advertisement: It is advertised online and through posters, mostly through Social Media
      5. Diverse: It allows different people and different celebrities come to speak on panels and meet and greet with fans.


  • Was the Women’s March in 2017 a global event?


    1. Yes, it was a global event because it welcomed everyone, and millions of people were aware of it, and many people watched it. Even though it was a Women’s march, many men joined in and supported their wives, daughters and mothers.
      1. It is a global event because of the following:
        1. A pattern of date: It has started in 2017 and will now continue in 2018
        1. Open to anyone: It is open to everyone who wishes to participate and support women’s rights
        2. general Space: It is a march, so it has a particular route through which it goes.
        3. Advertisement: It was and is advertised through social media and many celebrities also remind people to come and support women.
        4. Diverse: It is different because people from all religions, race and sex come together for one cause and it can also be a fight for Social Justice. 

Global events don’t have to be Sporting like the Olympics or football tournaments or Superbowl. They can be non-sporting too like Women’s March, Comic-Con or Music and Film Festivals, They all invite people from all over the world into one event to form international ties.


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