Renaissance Art

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Renaissance Art is art which was produced in Europe in 1400, with developments in Philosophy, Literature, Music, and Science. The renaissance workmanship is most known for its respectable and old Tradition, but they developed that tradition by adding a few modern advancements from their era to create an entirely new culture, from whose techniques are widely used today.Renaissance Art is the change of Europe from Medieval ages to the Early modern ages.Renaissance workmanship is made for satisfaction purposes as well as they were honestly rolled out to improve the way individuals thought, the paintings were made for satisfaction purposes because looking at art sometimes made people calm and relaxed for example when we look at Mona Lisa it gives us that inner pleasure which we sometimes do not get from modern art. To change the way individuals pondered Philosophy, Literature, Architecture, Theology, Science, Government and different parts of society.

Leonardo da Vinci, the Renaissance one of the most famous and successful Artist, His areas of interest were invention, painting, sculpture, architecture, science and many more. Mona Lisa is his most famous work which is widely renowned today. It is known as one of the most classical paintings ever. His other notable works include The Last supper, Annunciation, St. John the Baptist and many more.His painting The Vitruvian Man is also regarded as a Cultural Icon.Today, Leonardo is Known as one of the most diversely talented Individual ever to have lived. He was first recognized as “Baptism of Christ.” Leonardo kept a journal with small drafts and sketches, in which he recorded things which caught his eye. Leonardo researched in the “caricatures” which is known as observation of real-life models. Leonardo was known as the ultimate Renaissance man for the broadness of his intrigue and ability and his demeanor of humanist and established esteems.Leonardo’s best-known works include the Mona Lisa, The Virgin of the Rocks and The Last Supper, which exhibit his unique capacity to depict light and shadow, and additionally the physical connection between figures– people, creatures and items alike– and the scene around them.
If you compare Mona Lisa with a painting from Middle Ages, you will see a lot of differences as Leonardo da Vinci made his paintings look realistic and lifelike while the middle ages artists did not focus on people they concentrated on the message the painting gave, and it was mostly about religion.One reason on why the medieval time’s craftsmen made sketches was to instruct religion to individuals who can’t read or compose, while one of the reasons why renaissance specialists made canvases was to demonstrate the significance of individuals and nature.The Renaissance craftsmen made models, wall paintings, illustrations, and Paintings, while the medieval time’s specialists made recolored glass windows, figures, enlightened original copies and artistic creations. A couple of qualities of Middle ages craftsmanship were subjected were for the most part religious,figures look level and firm with little development, hung in solid garments, faces indicate little feeling, artistic creations utilize livelily, hues, two-dimensional painted figures, and foundations a solitary shading, frequently gold, A few characteristics of the Renaissance art are both religious and nonreligious, figures look admired, or consummated. They made the bodies view dynamic or moving; bodies could be bare or dressed, faces expressed what individuals are considering, enthusiasm for nature, loads of standard detail full of deep foundations with a point of view and symmetrical canvases. (adjusted on the two sides).
Renaissance art affected modern day living in various ways, they showed us techniques which are widely used around the world for example caravaggio’s Chiaroscuro technique is used around the world today or da vinci’s Vanishing point techniques used in “The last supper”, The paintings made in the medieval time to show religion but in The renaissance they started to focus on greek mythology, religion and people, for example Raphael’s “The Nymph Galatea 1512-1514”, if you look closely you can see centaurs, angels and mermaids, and these are mostly known as greek mythology, and if you also look at the people, you will notice how realistic they look, their features are made with real care and look almost as real as us.Statue’s Michelangelo is known for his statue’s, for example, the pieta; it was widely famous around that time because statue’s with two figures were rare and one thing about the icon was that how real and the perfect nature it showed for human beings. Renaissance art also conveys a message for humanism, it indicates individuals more life like not at all like the medieval time where individuals were secured, and they were inert, During the Renaissance Era, humanism turned into a focal theme for painters, stone carvers, and artisans alike.For example, Michelangelo’s David is a majestic sort of piece, It shows the realistic features of men and their body, but it is so realistic that sometimes it looks as though it will move and go away, Humans Michelangelo studied the human body in order to make his sculptures more realistic and more lifelike,he made the muscles as to look like they were real and in perfect condition, he used His statue to show the ideals of humanism, in way connecting Idealism and Humanism together.Emotions, the renaissance art shows people’s emotions their feelings and their actions, it sometimes reflects how people should react and should be, in Mona Lisa, what Da Vinci is trying to portray is how a woman should be, her posture, her emotions and her clothing, it in a way depicts an ideal woman again showing Idealism.Many works of Renaissance craftsmanship portrayed religious pictures, including subjects, for example, the Virgin Mary, or Madonna, and were experienced by contemporary gatherings of people of the period with regards to religious ceremonies. Today, they are seen as Ideal pieces of art, yet at the time they were seen and utilized as reverential articles. Numerous Renaissance works were painted as altarpieces for joining into customs related with Catholic Mass and gave by benefactors who supported the Mass itself.
The Renaissance gave the modern world a new of thinking about art.Leonardo da Vinci made a lot of advancements in art, and he also made one of the classical paintings of this world “Mona Lisa.” Art of Medieval times and Renaissance have a lot of differences mainly because thinking evolved and it made us feel out of the box.


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