Were the Dark ages so Dark?

Here’s a small post of what I think of the Dark ages. Don’t forget to add your thoughts down in the comments. I hope you enjoy and like this.

The dark ages were called The dark ages because a lot of horrible things happened during that time period, the dark ages occurred during the end of Roman empire and start of the Italian Renaissance or roughly 500 to 1500 AD, It happened around Europe, France, Italy and their surroundings. The dark ages mainly began when the uninvited barbarians invaded which caused War and made people angry and hold grudges. The dark ages primarily consist of war, torture, and diseases. Another reason why the Middle Ages are often called the Dark Ages is that compared with other eras, historians don’t know as much about this time. In some ways, this period of time has been lost to history. Many vital records from this time have not survived.

The dark was reasonably a lousy era for people because the war was growing, peace was fading away. Diseases hit, e.g. The plague in which many people lost their lives, and many people fled trying not to catch the disease, but the Plague wasn’t the only one, famine also hit Europe causing mass disruption among people, this time was also known as the Migration period because a lot of people left.  After the invasions people lost their way of living, they were dirty, selfless, unhygienic and carried germs and diseases with them, there were unbuilt roads, which means it took as much as 2 months to reach somewhere and the forests covered them, The real cause of “Dark Age” was the collapse of the Western Roman Empire and the waves of invasions and raiding that followed it, but was there a ray of light under that darkness?

Were the dark ages not so dark? Putting the negative at the side and looking into the positive things, Universities were born, which meant learning was encouraged again, Religions started to live in peace, Art and Architecture were beginning to grow, Laws were fair which meant fewer quarrels among people. During that time agriculture was going strong then it was in the Roman empire, Advances were made in Science and Maths with the help of Islamic scholars. The (not so) dark ages had a lot of Advancements in this time, they had bad things, but they also had excellent things too. Advances in Art were outstanding, and their paintings were exquisite and their work was of exceptional quality.

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