Robber Part 9

Here’s part 9 of the Robber. Hope you like it. Enjoy

Sagitta was horror-struck, his eyes kept moving, but his body was still. He still couldn’t believe that his worst enemy had returned and possibly joined forces with Alcander.He was thinking all the possibilities of how Alcander might have told him. He was still not sure of what to do, and he could not get his mind to think of anything else. It was getting worse and worse by every minute. Finally, after a few minutes, Sagitta gathered his strength and went to his cave. While going back to the village, he remembered the stranger he had seen with Alcander, and he remembered the stranger’s voice. “Oh! How did I not recognise his voice??” He thought to himself

Saggita could not believe what he had done; he could not believe he had not recognised his voice. “Oh, how will I save mother?” He thought to himself. He was thinking about what to do and how to do it. He came up with plans, but he kept thinking they were not good enough. He wanted to walk up to batillus and confront him for his actions. Batillus was his mortal enemy and the one he hated the most. They used to be friends, but they fought over what was good. “Oh! What a shame! Isn’t it Sagitta and here you thought that you were finally free of him.” came a voice from behind. He quickly turned around and came face to face with Batillus. “what have you done to her?” he shouted “Oh! she’s okay, the blood in the house was mine, she put up a fight.” Batillus replied with an almost disgusted voice. Sagitta was going to say something, but Batillus interrupted him and said “Oh! Sagitta Join me we can rule this whole country together, we will be powerful, and we will be known all across the country. We will be rich, and we can get everything we want.” “You do remember this is why we are friends no longer, you want to rule the country and become dominant, but those things have no meaning to me, and I do not wish to disrupt the way the country works. I have no interest in ruling.” He replied with a rather annoyed tone as if they already had the conversation before.

10 years ago:

2 teenagers were running across the garden to hit each other, and when they met, they fell down on the grass laughing. “Oh! I really wish you lived near my hut.” Said the 15-year-old Sagitta, “Yes, I would like that too but alas I have to go.” Said 16-year-old Batillus as he made his way to the small door which separated the rock tracks from the garden. Once he reached the small door, he opened it and ran to his dad who was standing in one corner of the hut opposite to Sagitta’s. He then left with his father waving goodbye to Sagitta. The next day Batillus came again to meet Sagitta, but this time they decided to sit and talk, and after a while, they came upon the topic of Ruling. Batillus was talking about being powerful and having a lot of wealth, but Sagitta didn’t care about the subject of ruling or being dominant. Sagitta got tired of the conversation after a while and left to play outside which made Batillus angry, and they had a massive fight after which they became enemies.


“Ah! I see you are still your same arrogant little self,” replied Batillus angrily.  “I am not arrogant it is you who doesn’t care about others,” replied Sagitta with the same tone.

SOrry for the late post guys. I hope you enjoy it.



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