Robber Part 8

Here’s Part 8 of the Robber, hope you enjoy it.

The sun was rising by the time Sagitta had come up with a plan to confront Alcander on his plans. He decided to Confront him in the act, which meant he had to follow him and he had to spy on him. After a quick breakfast consisting of bread and milk, he made his way towards the village and decided to start his plan. On his way, he met his mother who insisted on giving him another breakfast, after that he made his way towards a spot he thought would be best to keep an eye on Alcander’s hut. Hours passed, but there was no sign of Alcander. The sun was setting when Sagitta decided to call it a night and just as he was standing up, he saw Alcander in a black cloak leaving his hut, he followed him and found himself in a bush near the stream, there was a vast forest on the other side of the stream. His eyes kept following him, and he noticed that Alcander was waiting for someone. After a few more minutes he saw someone come from the far side of the forest, there was a small town called Bice which means Traveler. This town was home to many travellers which is why it was named Bice.

The stranger was also wearing a black cloak similar to Alcander’s, who was looking towards the stranger with a grin. The stranger waved hello, but he didn’t return it instead he took out the magical dagger, Sagitta had given him and pointed it to the stranger, the stranger was taken aback and almost tumbled down. “I see you haven’t changed.” said the stranger “Alas that’s where you’re wrong, you see I have grown old unlike you.” He replied, His eyes were still on the stranger. “I feel as if you want to ask me something, Alcander I suggest you ask it now.” The stranger said with a somewhat annoyed tone “Yes!, I do have to ask you something, but I suggest you follow me to my hut as Sagitta might be here.” Alcander replied with the same annoyed tone. In all this Sagitta was still hidden keeping an eye on both of them. On his name, he straightened, and his eyes followed from one person to the other. Both people made their way to the village, but Alcander kept looking behind to see if someone was following them. As they were approaching the village, he stopped looking behind. Sagitta was still following him, and when both of the people went into the hut, Sagitta went back to his spot. The moon was shining brightly in the night sky as it was nearing midnight. Sagitta was still in his spot keeping an eye on the hut, he wanted to go near it but decided against it as it may raise suspicion. It was nearing 5 in the morning when Sagitta finally went back to his cave, he was thinking about the stranger from Bice. He went to sleep and woke up the next morning at 9 and quickly went to talk to Alcander. But he was nowhere to be seen, he had a suspicion where he might be, but he had no intention of going there because it could very well be a trap. He was torn between choosing what to do and he had a severe headache, So he decided to go to his mother who might be able to help but when he called her she wasn’t there, she was gone but there was a note but it was covered with blood, he went inside her hut to discover the whole hut in a big mess and he couldn’t help himself but realize the harsh truth. “He has returned,” He said to himself trembling.

Hope you guys enjoyed this part! Leave a comment down below about what you thought about it.  Part 9 coming soon.

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