Robber part 7

Sorry for the late post, but here’s Part 7

The sun was setting by the time, Saggita had found out about his life. He found out that Lavinia was his mother and that Alcander had no relation to him whatsoever, he also found out that Rose wasn’t his sister, in fact, she wasn’t even Alcander’s daughter she was an orphan, who was raised by Lavinia. By the end, Saggita was extremely angry at Alcander, who still seemed to be eyeing the hidden passage.

The cave was as silent as a stone, Lavinia was looking at Saggita, Saggita was looking at Alcander, who was still longingly looking at Passage. After a few more moments in silence, Lavinia spoke “Oh my dear son!, I should go as I need to return to my Village, I hope you understand, Farewell.” “Of course, you may go,” he said. And then she quickly left. Now only Alcander and Saggita were left. “I’m going to leave as I think that you don’t have anything to do with me now,” Alcander said as he proceeded to leave, but Saggita stopped him “First, you will have to return my stuff,” he said pointing to the empty cave. “Ah! of course, you need the stuff back, but sadly I did not steal it.” he quickly said and made his way towards the cave’s mouth. Saggita was fast, and he managed to stand in between of the cave’s mouth and Alcander. “WHO STOLE IT?” He yelled. Alcander who got taken aback and coldly said: “Control your voice, It seems you have forgotten manners, Do I have to remind you?”, He pushed him aside and left. Saggita was left angry. It was midnight by the time Saggita went to sleep, as he had been out trying to get his head cleared. In the morning, he woke up at 9 and since he didn’t have anything to eat, he went to get something from the village. He went to the store got some bread and eggs with the money he had in his pocket. He went Lavinia and asked her to cook the eggs for him. After breakfast, he went looking for his stuff. He looked everywhere, but he couldn’t find it. He was disappointed, but then he spotted Alcander giving something to a kid. He quickly went to see what it was; he found out that it was candy, but he was suspicious, so he followed the kid after he got the candy and he took a relieved sigh when he found out that the candy was safe. He was wandering around the village to see something wrong or any sight of his stuff, but he found nothing. He walked back to his cave and then he went to his so-called Sister’s room. He saw that everything was intact there and he couldn’t understand why Rose would do something like this. Having figured that she had been working with Alcander. He decided to stay in her room because it was the only room where he could sleep that night.

It was 3 in the morning, and Saggita was tossing and turning in the sleeping bag. He tried to go back to sleep, but he failed. He stayed in bed thinking about what Alcander was planning and how he would stop him.

I hope you guys like this part, I’ll posting the next part soon, stay updated.

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