Robber Part 6

It was late in the morning, but Saggita was still in his cave, which was weird because he had planned to leave early in the morning. Saggita was still asleep, and his cave was all empty, nothing except his sleeping bag on which he was asleep. There was something weird going on.

After a few hours, someone came to Saggita’s cave, whoever it was, was wearing a black cloak which covered his or her body and you could not even see their face. The person looked around the cave, expecting it to be empty but when they saw Saggita sleeping, their eyes widened, and they moved towards him, but the second the person moved someone else leaped and pinned the cloaked person down. They removed the cloak and found out the person was the old woman from the village trying to find Saggita. She had seen where Alcander was and wanted to get to Saggita as soon as possible. The person who pinned the woman down was in shock of seeing her in the cave. The woman stood up and brushed the dirt off her self and asked the person in front of her ” Who are you and what are you doing here?” but in return, the person angrily remarked, “I could ask the same thing, Lavinia.” Lavinia, who was the Old women gasped and with the same angry tone said: ” So I see, Alcander that you have not let go of the boy, all these years, Why are doing this?” Alcander gave a little laugh and then said: “You have not let go of him either dear.” That made her angry, and she said shouting: ” Of course, I haven’t he’s my son, the son you left to die why are you telling him he’s your son, you are in no way related to him or me yet you are hellbent on destroying both of our lives, Why?” However, before He could answer, Saggita woke up from his sleep and looked at both of them with surprise. “Ah, Saggita you have finally woken up!” said Lavinia sweetly but she sent an angry glare towards Alcander meaning ” I know you did that to him!” Saggita stood up and looked at both of them again and then took a quick look at his cave, and when he saw it empty, he also sent an angry glare towards Alcander meaning the same as before. “What are you doing here?” Saggita asked him.

“Here to steal your stuff, I suppose,” said Lavinia who finally had a good look around the cave. However, Alcander had no interest in answering his question instead his eyes kept darting towards the secret door Saggita had. Saggita saw him eyeing the door and decided to confront him “Hiding anything in there?” He said, but Alcander paid no attention to him instead he turned to face Lavinia and coldly said: “Tell him if you want to.”


Sorry, this part is a little short, anyway, I hope you enjoy it.

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