Robber Part 5

After Saggita reached the central area of the cave, He stared at his sleeping bag for a while and the He snatched his bow from where it was laying. He took off running and had left the cave within seconds. Just after Saggita left, his sister came out of the passage; she was grinning and then she said “Come out” and her father came out of hiding and the first thing he said was “Oh! this will be fun.”
He then said “Ah! My dear little Rose, Have you done everything I asked you to do?” “Yes, Father I put the pills you gave me in Saggitr’s drink, though I’m not sure what it does,” replied Rose sounding a little concerned.

After a long pause, Alcander replied “Why are you worried about your brother, I have promised to make you rich, and I intend to keep it. But for it to come true, we need every valuable artefact Saggita has and to do that we need to make sure he does not come interfering with our plans, Do you Understand?” “Yes, father,” said Rose. After that conversation, Alcander left, and Rose went back to her room. A little while later Saggita returned feeling dizzy, and as soon as he placed his bow down, He fainted. A few hours later he woke up, and he looked around trying to find his Bow, but it was missing, but he didn’t get much time to think about it because suddenly He felt a sharp sting on his leg and when he looked at it, it was full of blood. The Pain was getting stronger every second, and he didn’t know what to do. Then he quickly tore a strip from his shirt and tied it to the wound; it stung badly but he had to do it. He stood up limping and made his way towards the secret passage, and within seconds he was inside the passage and in a minute in Rose’s room which was empty. Before searching for Rose, he got a small first aid kit, It was not like the one we have today, but it was enough for him to reduce the pain and clean and cover the wound. He then stood up still limping; he made his way towards the room where he kept his valuable artefacts, but upon reaching it, he found it empty, all of the stuff he had collected was gone. He had a suspicion about his sister, but he had no way to prove it. He left the cave and made his way towards the village where Alcander lived he reached the village. But when he was moving towards the houses he fell because of the leg but luckily for him, an old woman who was known for her generosity and kindness, saw him, she helped him and took him towards her house, and she also let him rest. She asked him why he was here with a wounded leg and he told her everything that happened and even the fact that he was looking for her sister. When she asked him his name, he told her about himself, but instead of flinching or getting afraid, she calmly said: “You’ve been a naughty boy lately, Uh?”. The remark made Saggita smile and said “Why! I guess I have been a naughty boy.” The old woman smiled and went into the kitchen to get some soup for him. She gave him soup and went to the corner of the house and started knitting.

He spent the night at woman’s house but left the next day with a few things like bandages, food and water which the old woman insisted on him taking. He visited the whole village but no sign of either Alcander or his sister. He was getting desperate, but he had to remain calm. He went to the town nearby and asked a few shopowners about them, but when no one knew nothing about them, he went back to his cave to start again tomorrow.

Part 6 coming soon

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