Robber (part 4)

Part 4

As soon as Alcander saw the body a shudder went through him but before he could recognise who the body belonged to, he heard the rustling of the leaves behind him, so he quickly turned and came face to face with Saggita, he was still the same. But he didn’t have his bow or anything to fight instead he handed over a small package to Alcander and said “This dagger is not normal and I am afraid to use it” and after saying that he left. When Alcander turned back to face the stream, the lions and the body disappeared, and he shook his head and said “Oh! My dear son” and then his eyes fell on the package in his hands, he opened the package, and he found a dagger which was glowing blue. He said “peculiar” before turning his back to the stream as it was still red.

While Alcander was still looking at the dagger, Saggita went back to his cave where he went to the far end of his cave and carefully removed a piece of rock which revealed a small passage. He got in the low passage and crawled to the end, and then there were two ways he could go left or right, the left passage was rougher, smaller and full of sharp stones while the right passage was smoother and was bigger but instead of going right or left. He tapped the stone surface in front of him, he heard some shuffling noises as the front rock was a door and it was suddenly opened by a 19-year-old girl, who was extremely pretty, she had a beautiful face and a warm smile and apart from her clothes which were torn and dirty she looked good. After she opened the small door which was disguised to look like a solid end, she said “Ah! Hello, Brother, I hope you’ve given the dagger to Alcander, after all, he did ask for anything that was different or peculiar as he says it.” “Yes, My dear sister though I am worried about trusting him with our cave and valuables we find” he replied, his sister sighed and then as to prove him wrong she said “Ah! Brother, I cannot simply believe that you don’t trust your father, after all, he grew you up to the man you are today” ” Alas! My sister that’s where I’m worried, I trust him, but I have a suspicion that he has something bad planned out which may involve you getting hurt and I cannot simply bear the pain of losing you” He said as though he was proving a point. After hearing this, his sister turned his back to him and walked to the far end of the small room and got a glass of water for her brother and said “Well, here is some water and about Father, we’ll find out what he has planned when the time has come until then we wait.” After saying that she just went over to the corner where she had a small bed and laid down on it. He looked around the room as though trying to find something, and then he glanced over at his sister, and a small smile came on his face, and he thought “Oh! How peaceful she looks when she’s asleep.” and he quickly went toward the door, opened it and crawled back to the main part of the cave. There he saw Alcander standing, he was smiling, and when he saw Saggita, he said, ” There you are, I’ve been waiting for you.” “Yes, right,” spat Saggita, “Now Now, that’s not a way to treat your father, is it?” he said grinning upon which Saggita said “Oh! One moment you are my father and the other, my enemy, you are not my father just a two-faced snake, NOW PLEASE LEAVE THIS MOMENT.” “Okay, I’ll leave but beware that this kind of behaviour will get you into huge trouble.” he snapped at Saggita and left.

After he left, Saggita went back to his tunnel, but this time instead of knocking on his sister’s room, he turned left to the hard way and at the end he made a small jump, and he came to a large room. The room was full of artefacts he had hidden so that nobody would find them, he took one look around the room and left.


Part 5 coming soon

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