What it’s like living in Seoul

For this weeks post, I’ve decided to tell you what’s it like living in Seoul and as a bonus, I’m going to add a few must-visit places in Seoul. So let’s start:

I’ve been living in Seoul for eight months now and let me say that Seoul is one of the beautiful cities especially at night when all the city lights are shimmering in the dark. The town is full of places to visit and to see, and even though it might be a little expensive, it’s worth it. One thing for sure is that people of Seoul love coffee why you ask? Because the city has coffee shops all around so if you are a coffee fanatic, then you might be able to try new things here. Seoul is lovely with its culture which you can see almost anywhere. There is only one thing which makes me a little sad is that as I am a Muslim its hard to find Halal meals somewhere, you have to go to certain places to get a Halal meal or just bring something from your home. But the city is magnificent, the people are friendly, and the weather is mostly good.The town is full of nature you are sure to come across flowers and life wherever you go.Not only the city is beautiful but its also a city full of tech where we have Smart houses to make things easier for people. This town is one of the cities in the world to be full of tech not only the city has tech it also has Heated flooring in houses and apartments so that you can make your room warm and cosy. But not only that Seoul is home to Asia’s largest underground mall which has shops, arcades, restaurants, theatres and the Kimchi Museum located in Samseong-dong. Another thing Seoul is famous for is Shopping from clothes to makeup products to every small thing, Seoul being famous for its weeny shopping markets where you can get products and clothes cheapest to the most expensive, the city is full of places to shop and visit. While putting shopping at the side Food is something everyone enjoys and You’ll be happy to know that Seoul has some of the best restaurants to dine in, the city has restaurants which can provide you with a cultural Korean food experience or with a modern one too.Not only that but Seoul is full of Heavenly spas if you want to relax and enjoy your day off. Seoul is a beautiful city full of things to see and visit, So I recommend you guys to visit Seoul at least once in your lifetime.

Now a few must-visit places in Seoul:

  1. Myeong-Dong Market: Seoul is known for its endless shopping choices, however, Myeong-dong takes shopping to an entire diverse level with neon signs, hordes of individuals, billions of Korean items, four-story-tall shops and hip eateries offering all that you need and that’s just the beginning. Myeong-dong brags many tops of the line stores; however, it’s the free people-viewing and reasonable road nourishment that makes it such a famous goal for vacationers and local people. Spend an evening and night in Myeong-dong so you can see the neon signs and splendid boards wake up during the evening.
  2. War Memorial of Korea: Find out about Korea’s troublesome history and its issues with its neighbouring nation through the must-see War Memorial of Korea. The site is substantially more than a customary dedication and feels more like an enormous history historical centre with weapons, planes and even tanks in plain view. The exhibition hall closes on Mondays, however, is open from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m., each other day of the week.
  3. Cheonggyecheon Stream: The cities skyscrapers and neon lights make it a little hard to know that something like this exists in the city.This stream is open for visitors to visit and have an evening out.
  4. N Seoul Tower: This tower is a part of Namsan Park!. To reach the tower, you go up to it from a cable car and then while you are there try some food or just enjoy the view of Seoul from up high.
  5. Kyobo Bookshop: This bookshop might be a book lovers favourite place because this bookstore is a store, food court and gift shop combined in one which is what makes it a must visit.
  6. Starfield Library: This library in Samseong-dong, also a part of COEX underground mall, is one of the biggest libraries in Seoul, this library fits around 50,000 books varying from Korean culture to international books and magazines. This library has a pleasing environment for visitors to enjoy reading in peace.

So This is all I have for you guys but don’t worry I’ll be posting another post about Seoul very soon and I think that it seoulmight be helpful for anyone visiting Seoul in the near future.










This picture is from a street in Seoul.

Credits: My Father, Alee shaikh

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