Robber (part 3)

It was 5 on the morning of May 7th, 1556 It was a misty morning with clouds covering the whole village it was unusually quiet in the village because normally Farmers, shepherds, bakers, barbers, tailors, shop owners and maids would be moving around opening up shops, getting things ready or just cleaning but today was different nobody was around in fact you couldn’t see a single lamp burning except in one of the houses, from the shadows you could tell it was an old man and a small boy talking and if you went any closer you could hear the old man’s wise and gentle voice and the young boy’s small and pleasant voice, the old man was Alcander while the young boy was called Thaddeus.

Alcander was telling Tad, as he called him, a story about one of his encounters with Saggita but whenever he said that name he would use an undertone So that nobody would hear him say that name, nobody in the village liked that name because the name gave them goosebumps. While the two of them were talking a shadow of someone appeared at the entrance of their mud house, you could see the shadow because the lamp was placed close to the small square in the wall which was regarded as a window. The sun was rising and soon it would be morning but still, nobody had woken up, it looked as though the village was deserted. The two people in the house were unaware of the man outside but suddenly he came in and as soon as Tad’s saw him he shrieked “Who are and What are you doing here?” upon hearing that Alcander quickly turned to face the stranger, but he instantly recognized the stranger, he was his old student Artius, glancing at him Alcander breathed a sigh of relief and said to his grandson “No need to worry my dear Tad, it’s just one of my students Artius.” then he turned back to his visitor and said “Oh! My dear son to what pleasure do I owe this visit, so early in the morning.” Artius said in a brittle voice “My dear teacher, something is very wrong, my family is missing and I thought coming to you would be the best way to find them.”  Alcander sighed and then sat down to think but after a while, he said “, I am afraid my dear that I was expecting something like this to happen, Your family is not missing, but they have left as they came to me yesterday seeking advice on where to go but Alas! I cannot tell you that as they told me not to tell you where they went or why I am very sorry my dear boy.” Artius sighed silently said “Thank you” and left with his head drooped low and in the midst of this Tad stood unnoticed until he said “grandfather, Can I go back to my mother?”, his grandfather nodded and Tad took off running back to his home.

Alcander seemed deep in thought, he didn’t know what was going on in the village, almost everyone was leaving and those who weren’t wouldn’t come out of their houses and it had him worried. So to inspect he went towards the small stream from which he used to get water, upon reaching there he saw something horrible, the stream instead of being crystal clear as it usually is was red as in full of blood, he was shocked so he went to investigate more and upon reaching its end he saw something that would make anyone Vomit, 3 dead loins lay on the end, they were split in half and that is the reason the whole stream was red and as he moved closer to see what had happened, He saw a man lying dead, seeing his body made Alcander shudder, It was…………………………

part 4 coming soon…..


5 thoughts on “Robber (part 3)

  1. Alee says:

    My dear daughter,
    Every week I learn something new from your writings and blogs, feeling happy to have a child like you who teaches me as well.
    All the best

    Your Dad


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