Robber (part 2)

Part 2


Miles away from Saggita’s cave, all five people woke with a start they all looked around and tried to untie themselves, but after failing to do, they started to call for help and fortunately an old man was passing by. He heard their call and in a matter of minutes he reached them, untied them and even gave them water. He was a really old man around his 70s or 80s, he had a round face and warm dark brown eyes, he had black hair with white and Grey strands of hair sticking out. One thing about him was that he had a flesh bite on his right shoulder, the scar was rooted in his skin, and it stung a lot, but the old man was dominant as he was a warrior, who had fought the worst of enemies but still survived. He was a man of high strength and power. He was Alcander.


Alcander helped all the five people and took them back to his village, he led them to his house asked them to make themselves at home and then left to get something for them on his way back he stopped to talk to a young boy who was his grandson. While talking to him his grandson asked for whom had he bought so much food as Alcander was holding a few bags filled with food, He replied: “Oh ! My dear son this food is for five people I found who need food and rest, would you care to meet them?” The boy nodded and followed his grandfather to his house. The boy’s name was Thaddeus, but his grandfather called him Tad. Tad was an energetic boy who loved to hear his grandfather tell stories about the war and his adventures. He greeted the people one by one and was eager to know what happened to them, but his grandfather shushed him down saying “They need rest, my dear Tad They can tell you the story when they are better.” At this Tad frowned but hid it away when he met his grandfather’s gaze. A little while later, a man walked in shouting “Thaddeus where are you? Tad! Tad!”, upon hearing that Tad quickly went outside shouting back “Father, I am with Grandfather who was tending to some people” The man met Tad and went inside with him, he greeted his father, sat down and said “Is what Tad is saying true…?”, He was interrupted by Tad who was singing, and he annoyingly said to Tad “Tad can you not see that I am talking to someone?” on which Tad left the house. The grandfather replied, “Don’t be harsh on the boy, he is still a young boy.” The father replied “ Well, you still haven’t answered my question?”, Alcander said, “yes, it is true I am tending five people who need help.”


“Ah! I see, are they sick?” asked the father, “No, they were tied up when I found them, and I have a hunch who might be behind this.” Replied the grandfather “Tied up! Who, in their right mind would do something of that sort” exclaimed the father The grandfather looked concerned, he looked around made sure nobody was around and whispered “ Saggita”, the father let out a gasp and opened his mouth to say something but could only manage to say “Oh no.”

To be continued…………

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