The Robber ( A short story )

It was nearing midnight, the forest was so dense you couldn’t see anything through the trees, but there was smoke in between the trees and any person looking at it from a distance could tell that it was a fire and they would be correct.

Around the fire, five people were huddled together with a dead silence. Then, one started to talk, then another joined in, and they all began to speak, but within a few minutes, a dead silence had taken over again.

They were all dozing off and on again and again.

The sky was clear; there was no sign of clouds and no wind. It was getting hotter every minute, and all five of the companions were sweating. Then, out of nowhere, five tranquilliser darts hit each person, one by one, and they fell into a deep sleep.

A man came out of hiding. He was wearing odd clothes, but the thing which was apparently visible through the light was his scar which was diagonal and ran through his whole face. He had light brown hair, brown eyes and a tall figure; he was visibly very different from the natives of that area. He held a crossbow in his hands which was pointing toward the five unconscious people. He was a skilled archer; it took him years to master it. His name was Sagitta.

Sagitta robbed all five people of what they had, tied them up and left.

The area that he lived in was in the foothills of Nanda Parbat, away from everyone and everything. He lived in a cave filled with valuable and worthless artefacts. He was not only a skilled archer but a skilled cutpurse; he stole things without someone even noticing. The cave was a considerably large one with lots of space; all the artefacts lay on one side while the other only had a sleeping bag. At the far end of the cave was a setup of a small kitchen with a little gas stove with a gas cylinder attached to it. There were also a few pots and dishes, and along with them was something wrapped in cloth, it was his dinner for that night.

He entered the cave, sat down, stretched his legs, set down his bow and then he started to divide the things he stole, which included food, coins and some daggers. He put all the coins in a small leather pouch, and then, he took all the food that he stole and placed it with food he had bought that morning, and lastly, he set the daggers in a small hole he dug in the ground.

He yawned, got into his sleeping bag and went to sleep.

The hole in which he placed the daggers, it glowed.

(To be continued) 

4 thoughts on “The Robber ( A short story )

  1. Kinza says:

    I love this story! I hope the other part gets out soon. I feel like those tranquilized people will do something heroic xD Anyways love your first blog!


  2. Noor Fatima says:

    I like your blog Noshi! It’s really interesting, and I want you to continue the short story jaldi sey kyunkay I’m very curious to know the end. BTW keep writing stories so that I can grab some ideas from them ♥


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